There is this mountain again,
in another time,
from a different angle,
but as beautiful as ever.

Ma première galette de blé noir aux épinards, fromage et framboise. Très content avec le resultat.

My first french britany pancake with spinach, cheese and raspberries. Very happy with the result.

Today visiting the lake of Murten. Great opportunity to use the camera in full summer brightness.
Felt better than what a majority of people around me think is best for our environment. Thats democracy. I have to accept this result. Actually I might think of buying a Humvee as my next car. I thought about selling mine and having none, but now that saving humanity for a little longer doesn't seem to be a goal anyway, having more space for the rest of my time seems appropriate.

Some nice photos from this sundays trip to the near alps.
For naming one of these mountains you get a free...
ehm, idk virtual hug or so...

Quite happy with my homeoffice for now.
Waiting for my librem for convergence stuff, but will probably wait one more year or so :-(

Hm, this should have some text with it, that on mobian somehow didn't post. ;-)

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