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My life story in one toot:

Grew up on and
Struggle with
Obsessed with for a while
Particularly my 2.5RS
Got into
Degree in
Worked for the govt
Advocate for
Moved to the
Trying to make the world a tiny bit better


GitHub just rolled out support for Mastodon profiles.

Thanks @derekprior for helping us!

published an objectively solid review of vs (& a little ). If you're in the camp of owning and your own media server, I hope you check it out! Also, if you're interested in contributing, Joshua Boniface (Jellyfin's project lead) also left a video comment describing several technical and non-technical ways to get involved.

A new #GNOME extension lets you pin app folders in the dash New Extension to Pin App Folders in GNOME Shell’s Dash #opensource #gnomeshell

OpenBSD and U-Boot based on mainline with display support on the MNT Reform. About damn time!

Even if you're not on Facebook...

Even if you didn't consent to it...

Companies will share your personal information with Meta!

Case in point: Home Depot

some quick testing makes me confident that amlogic A311D is another interesting SoC upgrade candidate for MNT Reform (and Pocket) for the future (if there are no surprises with DSI). 4x A73@2.2GHz + 2x A53@1.8GHz is neat, plus Mali G52 which is well supported by panfrost.

Have you heard about #ReproducibleBuilds? This is one of the biggest #security benefits of #FOSS. On #Android, this technique ensures that the #FDroid version of an app exactly matches the developer's version.

Read our article below for more details and to see how easy it is for developers to get set up:

Is there any way that I can embed a toot into an article I'm writing, the way I can with tweets and FB posts?

What did the kitty study at Hogwarts? 

Hey there. I've been missing my music tech friends in London and Berlin, so I'm starting a new series of events for sound hackers here in Portland, OR.

Join the meetup group below if you're into messing about with sound. I'll set up streaming for the talks and performances, so there is no need to be local!

MNT (@mntmn) just launched the 'MNT Reform Camera'
It is :openhardware: #OSHW, USB-C, CNC milled black anodized aluminum! And and you can buy it now to support MNT in their mission to make a whole ecosystem of completely open source hardware computers and peripherals! It's €139 and they are shipping this month!

thinking of getting a medicalert bracelet that simply states: AVENGE ME

great news: cinap_lenrek from the 9front project contributed a patch to our version of u-boot that finally gives us a graphical console (and keyboard) in the bootloader on MNT Reform: this will also help with running OpenBSD.

The U.S. Congress has allocated $12 million to renew the Open Textbook Pilot grant program! This represents the largest annual appropriation yet for the program, and will support new open textbook grants this year. Info: #OER

When someone asks you for your opinion, then gets angry and argues with you about your response 🤦 

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