@krille Thanks for the info. This is outside my area of expertise, but there are some efforts to get Flutter to build for armv7. I've subscribed to these two issues, and I'll see what develops: github.com/flutter/flutter/iss github.com/flutter/flutter/iss

@krille Do you think that this could be made to run on Sailfish OS without needing Alien Dalvik? rinigus has sorted out flatpak support for Sailfish OS here: github.com/sailfishos-flatpak/ but I would need an armv7hl build of FluffyChat on flathub to try it on my own device. OTOH, aarch64 support on Sailfish seems to be coming for at least some devices: thecherawchronicle.com/sony-xp

@joao +1 We get bitten by this at work occasionally. IMHO this is Google/MS mis-using the standards. SPF and DKIM are supposed to be used during the SMTP negotiation, so a legitimate sender will get the rejection via "Return-path:". Also passing one of SPF or DKIM should be enough. Google does this, but seems to use SPF/DKIM post-delivery for spam filtering and domain listing as well, and requires them both to pass. We emit no spam but still get bitten. It feels like Google is bullying us.

@bilelmoussaoui @wallabag I love Wallabag! When I get my Evergreen , this is likely to be the first app that I install on it. Many thanks for this.

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@purism Depressing report of someone being charged an extra €100 by DHL on top of taxes to receive their Librem5. I hope that you will take this into account when shipping outside the USA. For example, Parcel Force (which receives parcels in the UK via regular mail) charges £12 for this (i.e. about 15% of DHL's charge)

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This is among the reasons I never post pictures of my son. I understand and accept risks to my own identity, but I don't own his online identity--I'm merely a steward of it until he's an adult. I hope at that point I can hand it off to him untarnished and unexploited.

@purism Thank you soooo much for this update - I was having some (minor) doubts about what was going on, but this puts them all to rest. Keep up the good work, and I'll be patient! 👏 😃

Don't forget to use a few hashtags, pretty please 😉 It makes it easier for people who are eager for news to find you!

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