@dos Now those apps from fdroid can have a proper place to live.

@dos nice, i saw an arch linux install guide for the L5 and i might make an arch linux image with this. care to post a guide on how you did this?

@ethoslibre It's anbox. Mostly followed the instructions, then tried to figure out why it crashes/doesn't work. It's not really in usable state yet, just a quick PoC. Mostly kernel defconfig (source.puri.sm/Librem5/linux-n), switching to iptables-legacy and some hacking to get root inside the container to fix network routing (`adb root` just crashed adbd... :D). Also, it's running via XWayland for now, as pure Wayland doesn't work for some reason, and this comes with its own set of issues.

@dos im familiar with anbox, going to try this when i get batch fir. That's gonna take a bit tho. Hopefully more competitors come to the market with fully free software in the near future.

Sadly wayland isn't really implemented. XWayland is only option for now. Anyway, congratulations!

@dos actually I would love that de could have an app like newpipe in linux. SmTube doesn't download audio and video from YT

@barz @dos

There's freetube which is an electron app but it works and even looks about the same as newpipe


@wuwei @dos thanks, I have been using the app for several days. I like the lack of advertising. I wish more youtubers move their content to LBRY

@agx I want to try it some day too, but Anbox was already packaged in Debian and I'm lazy :)

I didn't succeed in my spectacular battle with Anbox. Its UI just closes automatically on Debian, opens after ~5 tries. Expired altogether after a few days. :(

@tuxicoman It's Anbox. See: social.librem.one/@dos/1035641

It's more of a proof-of-concept though, needs some work to be really usable - but at least the hardest bits are already there.

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