Democrats love COVID, these were the mother fuckers that wanted death panels in the States. Nancy Pelosi absolutely is getting the communist cock as they helped forward progress by exterminating the elderly, via COVID19. Who is the true NAZI? Fucking old hag!

I don’t know, maybe she should have swallowed! Deal with the consequence of your actions, that is maturity! You fucking cowards!

Look at this mother fucking cock gobbler. Hey faggot if you don’t like the US then go back to whereever the fuck it is you came from. While your there crawl back up the soiled cunt that gave you life!


Hahaha this is a fucking joke! Look at these pussies they are like cannibals wanting to eat their own!

What a shame for fedilab. To be honest app is so good it shouldn't be free. Maybe this works in his favor and backfires on these cunts! Otherwise pitch in a drop some coin for creativity and rational decision making.

Still using Tusky? Down with an instance blocking Librem and jumping on the Gab wagon? Then you are a good little slave. Obey!

OMG this is worse than blue bird. So the brilliant minds @ minds have basically established a tribunal to judge what is acceptable!

One person was raging on how their changes were a direct obliteration of 1st amendment concepts. And they deem the shit offensive. Haha I went to the next comment and they waxed the thread!

So update taglines to include too

This seems like such a waste...riot web would be perfect here @purism

“Mandatory key disclosure laws require individuals to turn over encryption keys to law enforcement conducting a criminal investigation. How these laws are implemented (who may be legally compelled to assist) vary from nation to nation, but a warrant is generally required. Defenses against key disclosure laws include steganography and encrypting data in a way that provides plausible deniability.” -

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