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Google’s re-opening of their Egyptian office is alarming—especially “when the government is aggressively asking other Internet companies to provide disproportionate access to their data,” says EFF’s @txitua theintercept.com/2019/08/18/go

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Disappointed fosstodon pussied out. Blocking gab and gabfed. They list it as racism. Which is utter shit. About 1% of Gab are redneck card carrying klansmen. The rest they lean to the right, don't want to hear about the LGBT movement and believe in America first. Which makes this terribly political. A shame they didn't stay tech, but chose to join the crowd and exclude. Fuck them!

Met some really nice people on gab. You should try and connect. You would be surprised they are people too? Go figure!

Cloudflare can fuck off, they are a disgrace to technology firms around the world. Its unfortunate some fucking twisted cunt posted some bad shit, and felt it was ok to act upon it. But at what point do we stop with the excuses? Social Media, Video Games, Music, Movies.All nonsense...How about we stop and actually own our shit?

At what point to we start taking responsibility for our actions, and stop blaming everyone else? Politicians are so fucking clueless. This is all a Gov't distraction!

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Most cookie banners are annoying and deceptive.

| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
| THIS |
| IS |
| NOT |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

Read what we are doing about this: privacyinternational.org/expla twitter.com/WolfieChristl/stat

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Prepaid SIM cards & mandatory #SIMcardregistration are especially widespread in Africa, allowing for a more pervasive #masssurveillance system of people using prepaid SIM cards, as well as exclusion of people who can't

Want to know more? 👉🏼 privacyinternational.org/long-

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Cloudflare at it again.Fuck these guys. This is why I stopped using them for all projects. Sorry if you don't like what is said but "hate speech" if we must, is protected under the first amendment. The action of carrying out an act is not. So while I appreciate CF have no balls. They play censor. Stix and stone breaks the bones...This is the problem when companies get to big. Wait until the decide alternative lifestyles are a sin against God and stop u that will get attn


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"People need to be in full control over their data. Unfortunately, that’s a distant reality in the many places that lack comprehensive data privacy laws. We absolutely cannot trust companies to regulate themselves"
PI's @F_Kaltheuner to @vicenews

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Cell phone carriers are selling your locational data to third parties—and we need your help to stop it.

If you live in California and believe AT&T unlawfully shared your cell phone location information, write to us at geolocation@eff.org. Learn more: eff.org/cases/geolocation-priv

So let's visit the Gab shit show again as every other post is some faggot bitching and Moaning. Its funny you have an alternative social media platform where post after post is I'm Gay, Bi, Trans, suicidal blahs blah. You matter, your valid, we love you blah blah blah. Then one instance pops up and all you phony mother fuckers become the most mean spirited, hypocritical pieces of shit I have seen. Inclusion is only good for you I guess? Is This Facebook! Last I checked differences are good.

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We did it show #50! Thank you everyone who tuned in this evening and was chatting along. Hope you enjoyed me overthinking things! 😃

For those who want to see what the big 5-0 entailed. Track list can be seen here:


And you can also navigate to the archive! Thanks everyone for your support of Organized Chaos! 🙏


You're mom's on my lips. Come on over and gimme a little kiss. 😛

How long are these faggots going to continue to cry about gab. My God all the free press you toads give them. Must be all that seamen you swallowed attacking the brain...attack something worth it like Microsoft destroying git hub.

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The Lubuntu Team is excited to launch new Portuguese and Russian groups, which you can find here: lubuntu.me/links/

I'm simple, fuck Microsoft and fuck that dude in the Ukraine. Backwards mother fucker, like you didn't see this coming from a mile away. MS is not to be trusted. I have more trust in yandex than I do MS and we know Yandex is fucked up.

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i dont like this admin's political opinion so:

this guy just argued with me so:

this guy is not blocking some domain i blocked for no reason so:

that's it. that's most fedi admins in a nutshell.

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