I don’t know, maybe she should have swallowed! Deal with the consequence of your actions, that is maturity! You fucking cowards!

Children don’t care enough to know fear. In the mind of a child there are no limitations. I want to be a child!

I heard that switching.social mother fucker was radicalized. If that is true, I hope your are dead!

Yes I’m brash, but I listen to all. And debate with most. It’s healthy, you don’t need to agree on everything differences are essential for unification. ✊🏻

Fucking faggots man. Mother fuckers all want inclusion blah blah blah. Then Gab shows up and boom, fediverse is the most exclusive shit I have seen. Bluebird wants to join the fun and again more exclusion. At what point is the fediverse true to its original intent?

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Who cares about gab. Mastodon.Social, they are still on this trip? It’s been proven like 1.7 percent are nazis and the rest true free speech advocates. Seems like a waste of time blocking a whole instance and depriving folks of engaging debate. Dummies! Where did tolerance go is mastodon the new fakebook?

mastodon.social crusader of dumb shit to try and make themselves relevant. They are the true fucking .

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A new report from @FinancialTimes says "When you visit WebMD & enter your stuffy nose & sore throat into its 'symptom finder,' & then get a diagnosis (it's lupus!), [ad platforms including] Facebook, thanks to a data-sharing agreement, know about it." mashable.com/article/google-fa

With the crazy wave of censorship folks should boycott mastodon.social! Pleroma is better anyway!

Look at this mother fucking cock gobbler. Hey faggot if you don’t like the US then go back to whereever the fuck it is you came from. While your there crawl back up the soiled cunt that gave you life!


USPOL totally disgusted! 

Fuck is up with the fediverse panhandlers? Go get a fucking job you lazy sods! Capitalism is great once you try it. Earn money buy shit. Work harder, earn more money, buy more shit! Stop fucking begging.

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