Can we stop pushing fucking agendas, and just make useful shit. How would you like it if the cure for cancer was made available to only an exclusive audience? Mother Fuckers!

A rare crosspost, but this is so fucking annoying...

May as well call out more folks. So I love Pixelfed, but just saw this gem. Another foreign cocksucker who can go swallow a sack:

Default Config blocks Gab.

You can edit this shit unlike the other apps but still it's a fucking nuisance.

Rather then directly manipulate they do it through their new first line puppets. Wake up, the enemy is the Govt that wants to ban e2ee and introduce back doors into your lives. Control your thoughts and predetermine the outcomes. With the political system they caused a divide and in the fediverse they have succeeded as well. Wake up, no one gives a fuck about gab, but it was a great distraction.

Hate speech, dangerous speech. All of it is utter bullshit. Let's just keep stirring up the drama rather than tackling real issues. These selfproclaimed SJW are pawns being used by the machine. Unfortunately for as smart as they are (because let's face it Mastodon and Client apps are genius ideas by some good folks) they are being manipulated by the same silicon valley empire that abuse our data and our electronic being.

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Big tech abuses your data and your right to privacy. Move your emails to Tutanota, we protect your right to privacy with automatic encryption:

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Just released by yours truly:

docker-backup 0.2.2, a tool to create & restore complete, self-contained backups of Docker containers.

Find it here:

or simply install package "docker-backup" from the AUR.

The verge can fuck off they are about 4 weeks too late to the gab bashing party. Ohh look jpeg got 15 sec of fame to pimp his bug ridden wares.Twats. All so ignorant and infantile

So let's talk about these retards licking fucking ice cream and putting the containers back? 🤔

Now tootle is censoring shit. I can play this game all day!

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For those licking their lips waiting for a #pinebookpro, we've got a lot of news for you today!

- Preorders launch on July 25th
- Built-in privacy switches
- The current OS outlook
- And more!

#pinebook #rockpro64

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Hahaha this is a fucking joke! Look at these pussies they are like cannibals wanting to eat their own!

What a shame for fedilab. To be honest app is so good it shouldn't be free. Maybe this works in his favor and backfires on these cunts! Otherwise pitch in a drop some coin for creativity and rational decision making.

@fosstodon coming under fire for bullshit. You would think snowflake is like saying ni**er. OMFG people need to grow the fuck up! All these guys do is focus on tech and contribute to the community. Sure Kev is a pompus tool at times. But fuck most IT folks do! It's the same community they help that is trying to turn a simple conversation into a systemic meltdown of their instance. Talk about being ungrateful. Fuck the snowflakes. And fuck that TUSKY cunt who starts this shit. Fedilab smokes you!

That Tusky cocksucker can go gobble on me mother fucking knob!

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@bane 🎵Take a bath, I’ll drink the water that you leaaaaaaaaave 🎶

Dude GAB is getting slammed. Overnight it's the largest instance. Too bad biased and bigoted folks are missing out on alternative points of view, (Tusky douche bags) that are now balancing out the fediverse. ✌️

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Editing took less time than I thought. Here is my guide on how I backup my @nextcloud instance. 😃

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