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OMG this is worse than blue bird. So the brilliant minds @ minds have basically established a tribunal to judge what is acceptable!

One person was raging on how their changes were a direct obliteration of 1st amendment concepts. And they deem the shit offensive. Haha I went to the next comment and they waxed the thread!

So update taglines to include too

This seems like such a waste...riot web would be perfect here @purism

5min or work and a world of possibilities. Live boot pure os and follow this link. You can extract usr and pwd to use with PIA OVPN cfg files. Yeah Boooieee! Now we getting full value of service 🙂


@purism I’d chat server down getting gateway errors?

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“Mandatory key disclosure laws require individuals to turn over encryption keys to law enforcement conducting a criminal investigation. How these laws are implemented (who may be legally compelled to assist) vary from nation to nation, but a warrant is generally required. Defenses against key disclosure laws include steganography and encrypting data in a way that provides plausible deniability.” - privacytools.io

Oh how sexy Pinebook and anonradio. By the community for the community. After 24 hours I am totally impressed with the performance. Was going to go manjaro but decided to leave ode plasma build. @PINE64

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Lesson learnt from the WhatsApp attack: Encryption is only as secure as its implementation:

To make sure any security flaw in our code can be spotted & fixed quickly, all client code of Tutanota is published as open source. tutanota.com/blog/posts/open-s

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This is a quick reminder that your are invited to #Funkwhale's first general assembly this sunday!


It's open to anyone, will takes place on a text chat, and we'll vote on several important topics as described in the forum topic.


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An important day for our freedom to organize freely without being spied on: @Framasoft has just launched their crowdfunding campaign to develop @mobilizon a decentralized and federated platform for event organization


Spread the word!

#crowdfunding #surveillanceCapitalism #FOSS #mobilizon #fediverse

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Feelings of joy overtake me as my Pinebook is on its way! 😎 @PINE64

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LibreOffice 6.3 is being developed by our worldwide community! Join our Bug Hunting Session on May 13 to fix issues in the first Alpha release, and make the final version rock-solid: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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Amazon is proving time and time again that they need to be a lot more transparent towards their customers. Read our quote in the Times thetimes.co.uk/article/alexa-r

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