I’m surprised Biden was able to finger that fat cunt when he be perpetually giving Obama the reach around!

Spike Lee is dead due to complications of COVID19!!!

....Sadly not but I’d rather see that dick rot than Little Richard! At least that crazy faggot brought joy to people. RIP

Now these fucking niggers are complaining about the impacts of COVID19 to the black community and other POC. Because the impacts on the human race isn’t enough for them. So since you want to segregate...It’s blasting through the ghettos because God fucking hates you! 🖕🏻

Why is Nigger Obama still talking shit? You were a disaster during the course of 8 years. Shut the fuck up and go away!

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@theonion@botsin.space shit is funny. Fucked up, but funny!

More corruption in the Government. Like this is a surprise.

Maybe it came from America? No you fucking slopes! What came from America was all the intellectual property you stole!

Silence and Respect for all the folks who’s lives have been destroyed. Destroyed by a country of selfish degenerates!

FUCK TRUMP but FUCK The Chicomms Harder!!!

God damn Chinese Mother Fuckers, this shit is messing with my Tyson Dino Nuggets! They go great with Chik-Fil-A sauce! Hell yeah!

I love the Japanese though Henti rules! 👍 Bwahahahaha! Oh yeah Fuck China and your Fucking bats, wet markets and pharmaceuticals! Eat a dick!

Fuck these Chinese Communist Mother Fuckers! Stock pile my cock! Listen CCP felt their citizens were collateral damage. Well the fucking world should feel the same way. The world as a whole should holds hands as we collectively obliterate that fucking place. Debt what debt fuck you that shit is cancelled! Cock jockeys!

@kyle Most of those pussies killed themselves already.

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I expected a global pandemic with partial shutdown of society would be the time for preppers to shine and practice their training. Yet after only a month of easy sheltering (grid up, clean water, ample food, even Netflix), some preppers are starting to crack. Disappointing.

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