Cloud flare suck! This is why I don’t use them they can fuck off. Now sits at a min 2 outages a year. I can hold a ccie class for your engineers if the price is right!

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I can proudly say I was unaffected by the #CloudFlare outages today -- been boycotting CF and avoiding CF websites for years. I wish others could say the same.

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For anyone in the UK, the Government has just given Palantir, a surveillance company that I passionately dislike, access to sensitive medical records of Covid-19 patients for £1.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

I'm down with all, got love for everyone who has the strength to engage in healthy debate. FTW!

Dude if you are kneeling you can suck my dick!

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I've ordered the inverse of this mask (white letters on black) that should be here by 6/2...

If you're interested, go to and do a search for cloth masks and you'll see vendors that sell custom ones.

You send out the riot squad to control the crowds then you reprimand then? Fuck it if I was a pig I’d let the rioters all kill themselves!

While the pigs should fry, let us remember Floyd was not a good guy! Counterfeit bills are a crime and this nigger Floyd should have done time!

Did we forget this piece of shit was passing counterfeit checks?

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Fellow activists, these corps sponsored the NFL during the #TakeAKnee oppression fiasco:

#Campbells Soup
Cover Girl
Extreme Networks
#Pepsi (Gatorade, Frito-Lay, Quaker)
Proctor & Gamble (P&G) (Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, Tide, Vicks)
TD Ameritrade
Under Armour @UnderArmour
Yum! (Pizza Hut)

#boycott them.

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All you fucking lemmings played right into the machine. Congratulations you dumb cunts!

Orange man Nazi is a baby. But Fuck Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. I agree with this dude if you want to be a publisher then own your shit. No protection for you! If you want protection then stop editing posts! Oh yeah Mark Cuban is a faggot!

Now...the niggers and white trash destroying their own communities and pillaging target and minority owned establishments does what? Nothing! It’s just an excuse for shit to be shit. Lowlife cocksuckers! They should review all video and arrest each of these twats!

Bill Gates is just another name for Chinese Fuck Doll!

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