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Librem 5 – End of May Progress Update

So many changes -- kernel updates, making calls, messaging, adaptive UI improvements, documentation, and more. Plus some quick video clips demonstrating some of the software work (including running on dev kit)!

You can pre-order the Librem 5 smartphone (shipping starts in Q3) for $649.

Price goes up to $699 soon as we prepare for launch.

@lunduke Facebook is evil, and at LEAST my family don't use that terrible platform.

*(Can you tell I'm tooting while I watch? 😀 )

@lunduke said this would be, or is about to become something awesome. I didn’t want to miss out on that, so I got onboard as well. Not quite Facebook yet. 😁 6000 people and counting. But it could get there eventually.

Well I don't know what to do here. Went here for @lunduke stuff and I was intersted in @purism stuff

Hope to stay here.

Watching @lunduke on lbry and it's actually funny as hell. It's also pretty spot on 😂

Yo ASCII / ANSI / BBS artists!

Want to get your work featured on the cover of Linux Journal?

Break out your copy of TheDraw (naturally) and come up with something Linux-y or computer-y and send it in.


The House of Lunduke BBS ( is temporarily offline for a migration to a new server. Finally getting ready to have the official dial-up line.

When done, the BBS will have 20 telnet nodes... and one 56k traditional dial-up modem.

ETA: Weekend.

"You got one tiny moment in time for life to shine, to shine, burn away the darkness."

What is more important: Freedom or Truth?


I recommend subscribing to this show via LBRY (, channel: "@lunduke".

"Recognizing that something needs to be done is easy. Looking to AI to help do that thing is also easy. Actually doing content moderation well is very, very difficult, and you should be suspicious of any claim to the contrary."

I'm now taking questions for the Lunduke Show from here on Librem Social / Fediverse!

Here's how to do it:
1) Ask the question.
2) Tag me: @lunduke
3) Use the hashtag

That way it's easy for me to find when I'm planning shows. I'm lazy like that. ;)

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