Over 2,200 Members at

Plus over 24,000 subscriptions on Odysee.

And growing fast. Subscribe to one of these... I shant be on the Fediverse much longer.

Lunduke on Tech:

Lunduke on Politics:

@lunduke why not? Or should I scan back through your toots because I've missed the lengthy explanation

@lunduke oh wait that makes sense - if you're using this place to post videos instead of as a little microblogging service it makes sense to point everyone at one source

Fediverse is not perfect, but I find it to be better than, say FB & TW.
The caveats you told about in your video are... Well, let's say they are by design. The great thing is, you can filter as will by instance and by account. Choose a good instance with well behaved users and you will be fine. The benefits such as disteibutedness, filtering and syndication largely outweigh the inconvenients.
Trolls? I hardly ever see one, and when I do I kick him/her mercylessly.

You'll be missed here, but I wont subscribe to Odissey or whatever. Have a great time there.
BTW, is your BBS still online?

@DrJohn @lunduke I would tend to agree. I have had pretty much zero interaction with troll accounts for as long as I've been on a Mastodon. But by the same token, I'm not a public figure like Lunduke is. I would imagine that as a public figure who shares his opinions through public channels, the trolls just find him on any platform he has a presence. Not really a problem I need to worry about myself.

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