In the coming days I will be deleting a few On-Line accounts (like this one).

Want to be sure to get my content (or chat with me)? Here's the places where I'll be:

@lunduke 👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​👎​v
@tinyjude If your site is using Mastodon, then it's pretty similar to Tweetdeck, if you ever used that.
@lunduke I would echo this sentiment but it seems social Librem One does not federate with Friendica.

@lunduke I'll probably be keeping Mastodon. I've met a couple cool people here and it seems considerably less hectic than Twitter. See you on Locals!

Good luck. I won't be following to another centralized platform.


While I echo your sentiment, I urge you to keep this as a method of sharing content for consumption elsewhere at least.

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