I'll be deleting my Fediverse account at the end of the weekend (along with Twitter and a few others).

If you want to hang out with me in a respectful, happy, nerdy atmosphere, do so at

@lunduke πŸ‘

Just keep uploading to your galdørnit Odysee now and then, please 🀣

@michelcampillo @lunduke Bryan deletes/deactivates his social media every so often for attention, he'll be back eventually

@shiba @lunduke so instead of being an influencer to make the Fediverse a better place, he is retreating to a walled garden? I loved his older videos. It was nice to see someone using CLI programs and loving it. It's a little sad to see this happen. There will always be trolls as long as people have freedom to say what the want to say. I'd say it's worth it.

@lunduke What happens to old toots when an account is deleted?

@lunduke You can't go! All the plants are gonna die.

@lunduke Delete twitter, but please, don't delete mastodon!


You mean you don't want to be apart of a swirling hate vortex where strangers vomit venomous vitriol at one another constantly?

@lunduke While I can understand and respect your decision. I only found out about you because of your engagements outside of your self-isolated platforms.

@lunduke ill see there brother, have a good one
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