I'll be deleting my Fediverse account at the end of the weekend (along with Twitter and a few others).

If you want to hang out with me in a respectful, happy, nerdy atmosphere, do so at

@lunduke 👍

Just keep uploading to your galdørnit Odysee now and then, please 🤣

@lunduke Shame. Have you tried a different instance, maybe? I'm on the SDF one and it's pretty decent. There's also the fosstodon one which is good. There will always be people that get off on that toxicity (dealt with someone like that just this morning), but my experience has shown that the good people on the fedi outweigh the bad.

Regardless, best of luck to you. Hope to see you back again.

@claudiom @lunduke I have a feeling that he attracts the negativity where ever he goes

@michelcampillo @lunduke Bryan deletes/deactivates his social media every so often for attention, he'll be back eventually

Why does not have a mastadon/gnu-social instance?
Seems like you're going backwards a bit. I'm going to miss the toot reminders to check out your stuff.

@shiba @lunduke so instead of being an influencer to make the Fediverse a better place, he is retreating to a walled garden? I loved his older videos. It was nice to see someone using CLI programs and loving it. It's a little sad to see this happen. There will always be trolls as long as people have freedom to say what the want to say. I'd say it's worth it.

@lunduke What happens to old toots when an account is deleted?

@lunduke You can't go! All the plants are gonna die.

@lunduke Delete twitter, but please, don't delete mastodon!


You mean you don't want to be apart of a swirling hate vortex where strangers vomit venomous vitriol at one another constantly?

@lunduke While I can understand and respect your decision. I only found out about you because of your engagements outside of your self-isolated platforms.

@lunduke ill see there brother, have a good one
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