@lunduke the positives easily outweigh the negatives.

@kyozm Just remember DT won't stand up for too many shenanigans :^)

@lunduke I can shitpost, and nobody can stop me now! :blobfoxdevil:

...Unless they deplatform me from my host. :blobfoxcryreach:
@lunduke >complains about trolls on the fediverse

>trolls the whole fediverse

@lunduke agree, appeared after irc and xmpp and other federated systems but learned nothing from them and is stupid by design.

@lunduke "Some of the stuff on the Fediverse and some of these Fediverse servers make 4chan conversations look like old ladies sitting around eating crumpets"

Thanks for the endorsement, normal people are tired of progressive corporate environments where they can't say anything but endorse the radical leftist ToS of those centralized platforms, and crave for freedom.

By the way, you are mistaken about the ways of avoiding undesirable interactions, you can mute and block accounts from other servers, and never see them again. No need to ask any moderator to do anything for you. You are also mistaken about the Fediverse being a swamp of hate-filled trolls, maybe that's your experience on Mastodon, but here on the Pleroma servers side things are very chill.

I used to watch your "Linux sucks" videos, but now I don't know if you are actually well informed about the situation of Linux.
@lunduke nigger nigger faggot tranny troon faggot jigaboo porch monkey coon nigger kike spook gook zipperhead chink nigger
@deadheat @lunduke
pretty much this, based deadheat
sounds like if anything, lunduke doesnt like mastodon lol
pretty much everything that wasnt opinion was just flat out untrue.
The only potential point i saw that was worth considering is the idea that instances will block other instances and you wont be able to see parts of posts, that is somewhat true since there is a segment that uses #fediblock to do so.. however thats a relatively small chunk and frankly, i dont think that is an issue, since the people doing that are so trigger happy about it anyone on one of those instances will find out that is the case and be able to make their own distinction.

Account migration is a non-issue imo, if people who follow you actually follow you, use their accounts and interact with you, you need only say on one account where you are going and move.. you will be found again, also it just shows that it is a good idea to have people on multiple things, instead of just the fediverse, be it xmpp, irc, email or whatever
Even as a 'youtuber' it shouldnt matter too much if you dont care about the follower number lol, the same applies

The video just seemed to me to be a thinly veiled excuse to shill locals.com now that the fediverse has picked up some social clout.


I wish Jack Dorsey would work with the Congress on regulation to make federated software illegal already.

There's already twitter so why would anyone want anything else?

Solution to problem one: server1 blocks individuals from server2. Alternatively, set up an automated system where, if enough people from server1 block/report a person from server2 then that individual will be banned from server1

Problem 2 is not a problem.
You can use solution 1 for problematic accounts, or the admin can IP ban someone.

@lunduke Problem 3 is definitely a problem. There should be a good backup/restore tool (especially for follows).

I think you lost your balls sometime in the past. Real men use #fullchan and don't whine because "...someone on the Internets posted a thing I don't like". #BetaJew
@Bryan Lunduke Hmm, you raise a couple of serious issues here that I hadn't thought about. Haven't seen any trolls so far, but I guess you draw a whole lot more attention than I do ;)
@Bryan Lunduke Well, a number of replies in this thread prove that you have a point when it comes to trolls...

@hans @lunduke
Which replies, specifically? Maybe I'm not seeing them?

@lunduke I still haven't experienced stupidity on mastodon. I have my account for more than a week, and I am actively using it. Maybe it depends on a server. There are many good servers not listed anywhere. I am using nice small, but professionally maintained server for my region.

@lunduke That's a very different experience than mine. There are advantages and disadvantages to the way fediverse works, but I've never personally had any issue so far with trolls, etc. maybe because I am not as much of a public figure. The anonymity side of it is a strong positive to me.

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