Is there value in using social media, micro-blogging services (like Twitter, Librem Social, etc.) as a publishing platform for video creators?

Not to advertise the shows... to actually publish ON them?

Is that convenient?

Is that annoying?

Who knows! Let's find out!

@lunduke If there was greater integration between software like , etc. and then we may have a winning combination that could possibly give the public a viable, free speech alternative to .

@terryenglish @lunduke
LBRY is really nice
It just doesnt have the entire user base of the fediverse

@misslav @terryenglish @lunduke what exactly does LBRY do better than PeerTube? My only complaint with PeerTube is that some instances are ridiculously slow to load videos.

@mikemac @terryenglish @lunduke
I dont ever really have slow loading unless its like a few hr long video but thats since i use the desktop client witch downloads the videos insted of streaming like the web client

Even with it being still in beta it works great on desktop

I agree that lbry is great. It would just be nice to see something free and open source take down YouTube.

@mikemac @misslav @terryenglish @lunduke
So far, I haven't run into a video that's not "available"(no peers) on lbry. I ran into that all the time on peertube.


@mikemac @misslav @lunduke
Do and share the same technological foundation? I know they're both peer to peer but does Peertube make use of the blockchain as well?

@terryenglish @mikemac @misslav @lunduke
I don't believe so. That could be the factor here. Far as I know relies on seeds just like torrent. I'm not as educated as I'd like to be at this point.

I guess as long as something decentralized and free/open-source knocks down I'll be happy. That platform has continued to get worse and worse since acquired it.
@mikemac @misslav @lunduke

@ericbarry @terryenglish @misslav @lunduke what does blockchain accomplish (or how is it being used) in a video sharing platform? How is it hosted? I tried to read up on it, but the details eluded me.

@terryenglish @ericbarry @mikemac @lunduke
I dont think peertube or really any fediverse implementation uses block chain
Or im talking out of my ass

@ericbarry @mikemac @terryenglish @lunduke
Thats mainly because they have a main server that syncs with the nodes


If the can deliver stable and high quality live streaming/video hosting that would entice a lot of content creators to come aboard. There's lots of "controversial" content creators that are looking for a new home from .

@terryenglish @lunduke Not if their goal is to censor your account cause you are too much for them.

@lunduke I am in the camp of going to the platform (LBRY) to see your videos. However, I do like the this *bonus clip!

To be honest, I don't subscribe to any changes on YouTube or lbry it any other streaming platform. In the case of your show, I actually do wait for you to post here on librem social.

@lunduke Nope, I don't subscribe to any social media feed to get video. Also, the video quality was pretty bad.

works better on my phone than my RSS reader, the app doesn't even open lbry links for me (or maybe mine's just out of date: it's not on ), and using youtube feels plain bad.

@zachdecook @lunduke RSS feeds are great but have had a decline in support.

But, otherwise I prefer playing your show up on LBRY or Invidious (PeerTube Perhaps?).

The issue is the notification management sucks for these. RSS is much better.
(marking as read and whatnot)

@lunduke I personally don't mind if a creator posts links to their videos on twitter. But I will only subscribe if they also provide unique content on that platform. If they just external link dump, I'll unsubscribe.

@lunduke this is much more convenient. If the show gets hosted on any activitypub platform that means i never have to leave the app I use to browse mastodon, which to me is a good thing.
Two minutes and 20 seconds is a bit in the short side though :p just quit twitter and come straight to peertube/mastodon? 😅

@lunduke if you use peertube it will be posted in the fediverse (mastodon, pozelfed, pleroma etc.) as if they were on those platforms.

Maybe if there was a fork of peertube they could call something like or something, peertube would have a cool instance to push the platform to the next level. 😁

Don’t know how they’d feel about it but hearing with them about it wouldn’t hurt I guess.

@lunduke people will also be able to comment on videos using mastodon without needing a peertube account by replying to he peertube video «toot»

@lunduke Mmm, the lilliputian show was a bit due to time limit.

The has no such limitations. And a reply can be anything - a response podcast is an option.

If Fediverse is the primary publishing platform, which is then bridged to Youtube and other corporate walled gardens, I think you could save some time/effort in publishing. And, within the fora, it would at least be more convenient for *me* - they all come in through whatever client I choose. It's all about me.

@lunduke only on Mastodon. You don't need to support Twitter with your video uploads.

I'm subscribed to a few on social media for their videos. But yep, I mostly go to the original site to view the video, especially if on Youtube, as that shows on the monitor I use for video content.

@lunduke i love it.. Keep them coming. ..and consider uploading the longer format videos to peertube. You are one of a few content creaters who keep me imprisoned in 'planet google' .. Ironic isn't it! 😯

Huh. I never considered the idea of a show being hosted *on* micro blogging platforms. That actually kind of gives me an idea...

@lunduke I'd follow an account that just posted videos, kinda like RSS.

@lunduke I'm seeing this 5 days later, because I forget I have social media and just don't log in very often. I'm mostly found on lbry.

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