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Follow requests rant 

all those tags, and I forgot the bare and .

Read the thread - issue with Metronome builds not being armv6 compatible

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: @yunohost has run into an important bug for and - apparently builds are not compatible. Can anyone offer some help/insight?

Image of in - looks great but no cntrl key, which may not be necessary/useful since I know little about KCT.

Heh. Went hopping through topics which interest me, got annoyed people were not over-wowing me with extreme accomplishments I can never hope to equal…

And realized I could instead be working on my own darned cool things. So good night, .

I was reminded today of a post by @kyle where he said he was pessimistic about pressure from asking for some groups to be blocked from their internet experience.

And he was probably sitting at a browser using uBlock to do exactly that.

There is nothing wrong with wanting an automated method to filter portions of the internet. Could it be misused? of course. But publicly curated ad/malware/resource abuse/privacy/cookie blocking lists seem to do a reasonable job.

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If there are any folks that understand armv6 / armv7 / armhf and binary builds and Raspberry Pi 0, 1, 2, 3 differences, your help would be very much welcome here :P

#Raspberry #Yunohost

Almost forgot it's !! I have not been very social this week

* - Lovely human!

* @Fairphone - Phone makers who make social values-informed choices in their materials sourcing.

* @max - Lovely human!

* @francois - Lovely Human

One of the more interesting things I have been noticing lately is .

As a site grows in number of active users, they tend to interact *more* with other users who are not on the same instance. The largest instances with real people consistently drop to a bit below 30%.

My working assumption (without specific evidence) is people explore by conversation, exposing themselves to new ideas, people.

There are, of course, exceptions.

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"What is up with this? I followed somebody but their toots are not showing up in my timeline!"

Maybe you *requested* to follow them. In the people can choose to approve their followers, and your request might not have been approved, may even have been rejected.

It is a different world view here on compared with the bird site. How many followers is not a good metric here.

Ah, poor Max! still having problems installing browser bundle for the . Like everyone else on . Maybe @torproject could help with that.

Oh the embarrassment. Discovered on teh don.

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Not a report, but interested in your opinion. Qoto appears to be being used by Gabvertisers. E.g.

They appear to be meatpuppets or similar mostly to advocate on behalf of, recruit, and increase SEO of Gab. Does this violate the Qoto policy against advertising?

@tengo You should be aware that Gab is gaming the fediverse using bots and other techniques to pollute the statistics. For some reason they seem to think SEO is useful.

Purism is not, itself, blocking Gab. Their app is a fork of Tusky, which is one of many which have chosen, based on the , to block people logging into Gab.

You can read a bit about the Tolerance Paradox on en.Wikipedia:

d'oh. Just realized I forgot the on this thread...

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And some more great accounts to !

* @fssofdeath - Lovely human!

* @Framasoft - Defenders of the [digital] Universe | Les défenseurs de l'univers

* @wobin - Lovely human!

* - un humain charmant !

* @SecretlyPublicDomain - bot announcing books which are actually in , out of

* @Snowden - Lovely human!

@DestinationLinux had a reasonably extended discussion in 133 about 's , starting a few seconds before the 1 hour mark. Much of it revolved around how other online conversations are less about the (the , , , etc. work) and more about the company.

But hey, they had other things on their agenda.

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