Margaret Thatcher statue egged within hours of it being installed | Margaret Thatcher | The Guardian

Let's go to the egg throwing contest down at the wicked witch of the west statue.

Like my GNU/Linux distribution? My mom picked it out for me.
@terryenglish Technically with btrfs you can have windows and linux on the same partition which is cursed in more ways than one

My city is currently part of a state experiment running self driving busses/shuttles. I'm really hoping that when it's over it get's expanded cause it's pretty cool.

@terryenglish I'm just going to keep formatting drives until I -MURDER- your boatloader you cant keep moving it forever!

@aral @terryenglish and then there’s the part where as soon as you go slightly south or east you’re back into the same issues lol (if at least significantly helped out by the EU itself)

@terryenglish When even the EU seems high-speed and competent

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