@icedquinn @terryenglish @comradeagle @kaikatsu @mewmew Kanye will be Vice President, but Lobster already has vice president. Kanye can be secretary of state.

This is Lobster's running partner, Lobster thinks Frog has spirit of 2020 down perfectly and really speaks for peoples.
@mewmew @comradeagle @icedquinn @kaikatsu @terryenglish Lobster is truthful. Lobster is clear and transparent leader, but has opaque body.
@icedquinn @terryenglish @comradeagle @kaikatsu Lobster is very good at masturbating, thank you for asking. Lobster was not aware Biden was so good at beating himself like this, or that it was important to human, but yes. Lobster is an able masturbater.
@terryenglish @surasanji @kaikatsu @comradeagle I don't know, Biden has 40 years of experience and he's going to beat Biden. Plus he is his own dad so there is that :blobcatthink:

Does Lobster have enough experience to beat himself?
@terryenglish @kaikatsu @comradeagle Lobster assures you this was not difficult. Lobster is a competent leader.
@kaikatsu Vote for Lobster! Lobster is best choice for President! Lobster will answer one (1) politics question to prove how good Lobster is.

Would Obi-Wan Kenobi and Asajj Ventress make a hot power couple?

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