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It's time for a round of "Lunduke says obvious things about himself because a few people like to make up things about him."

Lunduke is not now, and has never been, a Nazi.

Lunduke is a proud Jewish man.

Lunduke believes in freedom. Free speech and Free Software are my jam.

Lunduke believes in and lives by the ideals of Bill & Ted: Be excellent to each other.

Lunduke has been fighting for basic civil rights for ALL (incl. same sex marriage) since he became a grown-up in the 90s.

Lunduke likes you for who you are. Even if you don't like Lunduke.

Lunduke knows, apparently, how to write in the third person.


Oh shit, wait... that was MARMADUKE. WE LOVE MARMADUKE.

@lunduke Hi ! Feeling a bit lonely here ! 😂 Remind me so much of the early internet love it

@lunduke I like Lunduke, and one of the reasons I do is that you REALLY remind me of David Tennant (British actor from Doctor Who mainly)

@naebulys @lunduke Now that you mention it, you never see Bryan Lunduke and David Tennant in the same room at the same time...

@gboyd42 @lunduke It seems rather obvious that the Tardis run on Linux anyway. But the Daleks are definitly using Windows 10 as they always loose. Not even getting started on the Cybermen, certainly running Vista.

@naebulys @gboyd42 @lunduke actually the cybermen run a proprietary shareware OS that they install on their victims. It has a lot of similarities to Vista tho.

@paulfree14 Yes, I met David Tennant in person once. Seemed like a nice enough chap. He even let me have a shot in his TARDIS. Stank a bit mind, could do with a good clean. And the toilet was blocked.

@gboyd42 I'm not shure if I understand what message you want to bring me by that?

@lunduke its good they call you a nazi it means you won only poeple with no arguments need to use nazi.

@jordan31 lol! Yes! Boggles my mind, but there are some people (a tiny handful, luckily) that are borderline obsessed with attacking me online. Day in, day out. And calling me a Nazi (or variations on that theme) seems to be their go-to line. ;)

@lunduke All good. But smearing 20-year old privacy tech collectives for attention on youtube was a dick move that would make Bill and Ted sad.

@priryo @lunduke is it smearing if they not only condone but actively initiate violence?

@lunduke "Free speech and Free Software are my jam." His! His jam! You, sir, do not know how third person works!
You might not be a nazi, but I am ... of the grammar kind, that is. :P
I just found out about your podcast today. You seem like a pretty cool guy. And sure, you've made mistakes (who hasn't?), but people who think the only way to point them out is to constantly insult you and continue blaming you even after you've explained yourself are beyond awful.

@Mayana ACK! You're right! I totally broke the third person rule with that line! CURSES!

And thanks... and welcome! :)

@lunduke Lunduke doesn't do push ups, Lunduke pushes the Earth down!

Oh, sorry, wrong thread.


I have often heard Lunduke say things that make me think he is a doofus. I have sometimes heard Lunduke say things that make me think he is an idiot.

I have never heard Lunduke say anything that makes me think he is a bigot, racist, classist, extremist, homophobe, misogynist, or other such "deplorable".

People can be dumb, offbase, mispoken, incorrect, or even a jackass - without being a "nazi". Let's not debase certain words to the point that they become meaningless.

@misslav @lunduke Seems like these terms are being misused for the purposes of smearing, rather than a genuine commentary on someone's political views. I think we all know the kinds of people who do this and it doesn't seem to bother them that doing this helps actual Nazis. I've heard the argument made that the SJWs and the Alt-Right are the same thing and I have to admit the similarities are striking.

@lunduke Good Bless Freedom of Speech and Expression.

@lunduke I bet you don't even support code of conducts and think people should conduct themselves as they see appropriate. :HonkHonk:

@lunduke If even you are accused of being a nazi, then who isn't?

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