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I may need to pause this restoration for a bit. It is looking like I may need to replace my alternator in my pickup and I only want one disassembled machine lying around at a time.

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I just got a new ⁨⁩ which means the next few days will be spent printing out upgrades and accessories for it. First, a bracket to hold the Raspberry Pi that controls it, along with a camera mount.

The way this mechanism works, only some of the gears from the keyboard mesh with the multiplication register gears. Numbers 5 and above are too far out of alignment to mesh with that register. For some reason (angles I guess) this doesn't affect the upper gears as much.

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After spending most evenings before dinner tinkering, I think I've discovered the problem with multiplication. All 1s-4s transfer to the register while all 5s (and above) don't. I got 5s to work when pushing the carriage diagonally, so I think there is a carriage alignment issue.

Isn't She Lovely was just on the radio. Ever since I became a parent it gets me every time. But then Careless Whisper followed it and all I could think about was Sexy Sax Man. ⁨⁩ ⁨

It is rainy here, so I can't actually test it yet, but I just updated phosh on my pinephone and set this on it also.
Great work from purism with this new phosh update!!!

I should have mentioned how to enable this if you are running Phosh on a Librem 5:

gsettings set sm.puri.phosh automatic-high-contrast true

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Waydroid has never worked with GPU acceleration on the Librem 5 so far... time to change that!

Phosh has a new optional feature that uses the light sensor to switch to a high contrast theme whenever it detects you are in direct sunlight. Very cool, especially since it also applies to the lock screen and all GTK apps too.

It also seems Apple's ad tracking rules exempt much of its own tracking behavior since it only shares the data it collects about you with itself and not third parties. At least according to this analysis:

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Interesting coincidence that after Apple added App Tracking Transparency to alert iPhone users to the data 3rd party apps collected for ads, adtech had to scramble for alternatives, such as Apple's own ad biz, which grew 238% to $3.7B in 2021

I was able to fix the shift mechanism with a few adjustments and while I was at it figured out what was wrong with the main accumulator so now addition and subtraction work. Next up: multiplication.

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Sound ⁨⁩ techniques can be applied to all classes of problems, and I'm using the same approach I wrote about in DevOps Troubleshooting. I identified an issue (shift mechanism) and to narrow down the cause I now need to study and understand how this mechanism works.

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I decided to start by fixing the shift mechanism, which stutters when shifting left. I'm hoping resolving that may also resolve some of the other issues. I was able to locate a service manual for a similar calculator which has some decent diagrams.

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Today we attempt to repair and refurbish a Monromatic CSA-8 electro-mechanical calculator from the 1950s-1960s. At the moment addition and subtraction don't update the accumulator among othet issues, I hope just from seized gears. ⁨⁩ ⁨

Cars continue to copy the smartphone business model, now have mandatory pre-installed services and apps (and the tracking that comes with them):

The biggest challenge with filing expense reports is deciding which ⁨⁩ adding machine in my collection to use to add up receipts. Today's winner is an RC Allen model 75. ⁨

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