After a string of delayed/cancelled flights where I realized I could have gotten home sooner by car, I've made a personal rule that if driving is a real option, I take it. I bypass all the security theater, can pack what I want and am in control of my own departure times.

@kyle I travel by train rather than flying whenever possible. Similar price, but way more comfortable.

Realistically I only end up doing this when I'm visiting Boston from Philadelphia though (or NYC, but then I wouldn't fly anyway).

@kyle Did this many years ago and have never regretted it. I have basically ruled out the option of flying altogether and now drive everywhere. Love being the master of my own schedule.

@kyle Smart thinking! I used to have to travel 1200 miles a few times a year for work. Driving enabled to bring my family in tow too!

@kyle Trains can be a good option too, depending on where you are. The US is sadly behind on rail infrastructure, but even here there's a number of routes that can be more conveinent by rail. #train4tw

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