I've joked about printing in Linux for 20 years, but I just got a portable printer for (Canon Pixma iP110) and it was literally plug and play. I connected printer USB to my laptop, it auto-detected/configured it, and prompted to print a test page which worked perfectly.

@kyle I’ve had my canon ip4500 inkjet since 2006 or so. I’d been happily printing on it for over a decade on MacOS, manually flipping pages when I needed a 2-sided print until I switched to Linux and noticed a duplex option in the setup (which was not there on the Mac)... ☝️

For B/W it really is plug and play, but color needs work. Color printing just worked on OSX, while I still haven’t gotten my color profiles right on Linux. Another (extreme) case: davidrevoy.com/article757/the-

@kyle ive lately had that happen to a canon printer over the network

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