#introduction Its Joe here and I’m located in Atlanta. Husband to KI4HHI and father of three grown children. Most of my posts will be about #hamradio #sota #pota #qrp #ic705 #id52 #foxhunting #amsat #aprs #hiking #dstar #openspot4 #pistar #ares #auxcomm #arrl #simplex #qslcards - I followed several of you over here from Twitter. 73 de KI4ASK

This tiny Blackberry Q20 #keyboard isn't a mechanical keyboard, but mounted on an #OpenHardware PCB by @arturo182 and #Solderparty (solder.party/) which makes it a generic USB-C keyboard (and mouse). So cuuuuute! 🥰 😍

Available ready to use at e.g. tindie.com/products/arturo182/ or lectronz.com/products/bb-q20-k or shop.pimoroni.com/products/bbq (Not affiliated and I don't get any money. Just a happy #Pimoroni customer. 😇)

Background: Rama Works U80-A keyboard with MT3 Skiidata keycaps for comparison.

While I didn't get to weave as much as I wanted this weekend, I was still able to get halfway through the fabric for the new tote. Here's the progress after 4 hours.

Owls are fully cozied up for winter ❤️ I made this little room for my animation a while ago and now I have a difficult time going back to this project. I hope the procrastination will end soon. Wish me luck please!

#art #mastoart #fediart #stopmotion #scenographydesign #stopframe #diorama #stopmotionanimation #owl #nature #diy #stopmotionset #stopmotionsetdesign #scenography #miniature #diorama #craft #crafts #wicker #owls #crotchet #miniatureset #autumn #autumnleaves


I love simple, ad-free apps. Still one of my favorite app developers for Android.

We love freedom 3, the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. Boost this post to share the message with others! Plus watch our latest video about free software: u.fsf.org/escape-to-freedom

I suppose I should do an #introduction - I''m Jorge and I'm an open source community manager, I'm a bit of a cloud nerd. In the past I've worked on Kubernetes and Ubuntu, these days doing cloudcustodian.io.

Looking forward to hanging out with ya'll!

I like to talk about #linux #kubernetes #f1 #destiny2

A ⁨⁩ ⁨⁩ book find at Powell's! The author of The Romance of French Weaving started work after the Great War documenting the history of the French weaving tradition, weighing the inevitable march of mechanization and mass-production against craft. Quantity vs quality. The conversation continues today.

It's time to sew my handwoven fabric into a tote! I'll be using a combination of hand sewing and my ⁨⁩ 1890s Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine. ⁨

My wife's tote is complete! This is my first ⁨⁩ project with significant ⁨⁩. First I came up with the design and wove it on my loom. Then I sewed it into a tote, reinforced it with interfacing, sewed a liner, added straps and sewed it into the hem. I'm very pleased with how it turned out.

It's been about a year since I took up ⁨⁩ as a hobby! This thread will look back at my projects and progress over the past year.

First let's talk looms. I started as many weavers do on a rigid heddle loom. I opted for the widest Kromski loom they make so I had the most flexibility. Then about a month in, I lucked into a *free* floor loom and since then most of my projects have been on that.

I also have started adding ⁨⁩ into my ⁨⁩ projects. My first attempt was sewing simple seams to make a pillow with a krokbragd pattern, and most recently I took on a pretty major project of sewing a tote bag. In the future I plan to try making garments too.

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These fast ⁨⁩ projects are a nice departure from the more involved ones. Here's a merino wool scarf I wove this weekend on my rigid heddle loom (my floor loom is still dressed for a different project).

I just got a (free!) ⁨⁩ machine! This is a KnitKing model 93 with a ribbing attachment, stand, accessories and some yarn. It can even be programmed with punch cards and came with a giant envelope full of them. I can't wait to try it out once I get caught up on ⁨⁩.

We added a new option in called Restricted Boot that only boots self-signed kernels and distro-signed ISOs. I talk about how we approached this feature at length in this blog post: puri.sm/posts/introducing-pure

Lock in your year-end savings ➡️ $200 off on Librem 14 laptop.

And if you desire🎉 get your laptop shipped on priority by choosing the add-on.


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