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I'm fabric for another tote bag using the krokbragd technique. What I like about this technique is that it allows for a level of improvisation you typically don't get with most weaving.

For instance, I decided this pattern in brown tones will be a bit too bland for the full side of the tote, so I'm going to improvise a banded purple diamond pattern around the middle of the tote to spice things up.

Just got #Mastodon setup on my @purism Librem14 with #QubesOS. I am liking #Whalebird as the local client personally. Yes this is basically my daily driver when I don’t use the Pop!_OS desktop and also what a bit more security. now to back it all up. #cybersecurity #linux

I haven’t seen so many people so excited about a social network since the early days of Twitter.

Time for an . I've been involved in and since the late `90s. My career started as a sysadmin, pivoting to security. I'm the President of @purism and work on hardware and software to protect , and freedom.

I've written a number of books ( and was a long-time columnist for Linux Journal magazine.

I have many hobbies including , refurbishing mechanical , , , and many other things.

@purism Using Phosh on my laptop for the first time. I'm very impressed with power management while using it! Woot!

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So far, I've enjoyed playing with Mastodon. I just wish there was an easy way to follow specific hashtags.

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