It's been about a year since I took up ⁨⁩ as a hobby! This thread will look back at my projects and progress over the past year.

First let's talk looms. I started as many weavers do on a rigid heddle loom. I opted for the widest Kromski loom they make so I had the most flexibility. Then about a month in, I lucked into a *free* floor loom and since then most of my projects have been on that.

Scarves! I have made so many scarves this year. It is a great starter project and a great gift. I started with a basic plain weave pattern but also did a matching pair of tweed and plaid scarves for my wife and me.

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I also made a few table runners, which are basically just wide, long scarves. My first attempt was a Forbes tartan-inspired plain weave table runner, which I used to learn how to weave plaids. Later I wove an overshot table runner to practice that technique.

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I also made a two rugs that we are using at entrances into our house. The first I made on the rigid heddle loom using a krokbragd technique and the second on my floor loom using rep weave. It only took a week or two to work up nerve to wipe our feet on them.

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I also have started adding ⁨⁩ into my ⁨⁩ projects. My first attempt was sewing simple seams to make a pillow with a krokbragd pattern, and most recently I took on a pretty major project of sewing a tote bag. In the future I plan to try making garments too.

For the coming year, I will probably take on more projects that combine weaving and sewing. I will probably also make some more napkins or towels for the house so we have more than the too-fancy-to-use overshot ones I made this year (we used them anyway).

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