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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Looking forward to Software Freedom Law Center's Fall Event on Nov. 1 at Columbia Univ. Law School.

My run through of the Librem 5 privacy and security-focussed mobile phone... What a joy to finally have it in my hands! My congratulations to the extraordinary team at Purism.

First bits of fixes for the (it uses another chip to drive the backlight than it's devkit) making it mainline already:


Does anyone know a good provider that can offer Anycast enabled servers?
(Like NetActuate or BuyVM - but more pops)

#anycast #vps #askfediverse #sysadmin #bgp

We actually need more events like #FOSDEM or Chaos Communication Camp/Congress that aren't corperate #openwashing circlejerk concerts.

"Selling a smartphone is a cutthroat business, and we've seen dozens of companies try and fail over the years. Purism didn't just survive long enough to ship a product—it survived in what is probably the hardest way possible, by building a non-Android phone with demands that all the hardware components use open code. Making it this far is an amazing accomplishment."

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@Framasoft It's sad to see services go, but thank you for sharing your lessons learned. Regarding and ease-of-maintenance, we're making slow but steady progress on packaging, so that one day you'll just `apt install ldh-middleware` and launch some Frama Un services ;) Keep on federatin' and vive la Framasoft! 🇫🇷

@ben: I would love to attend this and ask some uncomfortable questions: Whattya think?

@jeremiah Now the world don't move to the beat of just one phone
What might be free to you, might not be free to some
A phone is born, RYF it seems,
hardware kill switch too, so no tracker in your jeans

And it's got
PureOS it takes
PureOS it takes
a free OS to move the world

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