@purism gnome shouldnt be one of your defining features bruh

@purism Nice. When can we expect to see a proper review?

@purism looks like you forgot to turn on airplane mode 😛

@purism It is a great looking device. I really like the bezels at the bottom and top of the screen. It really does have a good design. REALLY looking forward to getting mine! Keep up the great work!

@Phaserune thank you :) the excitement and support from the community has been amazing, keep it up too :)

@purism I wonder what kind of navigation apps we will eventually be able to use. Seems like there is still some room for app developers to make a good linux native turn by turn navigation program.
Really great looking pictures ^^

It doesn't scale properly (based on QEMU results). If you go horizontal it is usable, but not perfect.

It'd be great if it was optimized for mobile! GPS is probably my biggest must have to drop Android completely.

Yeah I am looking forward to that too! But there is another maps app (on flathub) that should work. I don't recall its name currently but there are only two maps apps on flathub. So it's the one that's not gnome maps ha.

@micahbp @purism

Pure Maps with Wayland was looking good more than a month ago. And a lot of work was getting pushed in the past couple weeks, so likely there are ongoing improvements.


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