@agx @purism this looks like it might eventually be a viable alternative for regular gnome, it seems much more lightweight.

@vancha @agx @purism I'd be interested in seeing if Phosh ever really becomes a thing on desktop

having a good wlroots-based GNOME Shell alternative would be neat :blobcat:

@tromino @vancha @purism i'm using it on the desktop but there's surely room for improvements so patches in that area are very welcome.

@agx @tromino @purism If i was a good enough programmer to write a patch for that, I most definitely would ^^

@agx @purism I've been using I3, a tilling window manager, for the part few months and quite like it.

@MarvinTheRobot @agx @purism Have you tried Sway? It's basically i3 as a Wayland compositor.

@agx @purism PureBrowser doesn't seem to be able to view files of this type. Cool tiling though!

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