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Bought this jacket in Brno 3 years ago, still one of my faves. Especially with the "warmer" winters past couple of years I hardly have to wear anything heavier. Wish there were #Stradivarius stores in Finland...

Pude hacer andar un cliente IRC y un cliente Jabber/XMPP en un telefono Java del 2009. Sorprendentemente el cliente XMPP tiene hasta para enviar fotos con la camara y audios en formato .amr pero luego falla el envío, pienso que por un tema de compatibilidad con el servidor, creo que lo trata de enviar como una transferencia de archivo y falla. Un Samsung GT-2100i #java #j2me #phone #dumbphone

@jameshjacksonjr - A set of gadgets help my loved ones stay safe in life and on the net. But to keep those going I need to carry a computer at all times (04:13 right now). Right now that means a Xperia XA2 running #sailfishOS.

Hey all! I’ve been working hard to get the #Podcast up and running. I think I’m FINALLY at a point where I’m ready to go.

The first episode is already live and ready for you. It’s a little old now, due to setup, but it’s definitely still relevant!

Did you know @awai (the founder of @mobian) plays Guitar, and has album called “Dirty Greed” up on band camp? Neither did I! The sound is hella tight. Links are in the video description and on the Podcast Homepage.

The Podcast #video is available here:

The Podcast #Homepage is:

You can find the #RSS feeds for #MP3; #AAC; #OGG; #FLAC and #Opus are all listed clearly on the main page.

If you just want to skip all the hassle, you can grab the MP3 feed here:

A huge shoutout and thank you, goes out to @awai, for giving me some of his precious time for an interview. Also, @linmob for helping me decide on direction, and giving some sound advice along the way.

I’d really love to hear what you think, and let me know if there’s anything you think I could do to make it better!

Thanks so much!

PS. Please forgive the ping and hashtag stuffing! After this post, I’ll never do it again (unless someone wants me too 😉)

#mobian #linux #pinephone #pine64 #manjaroarm #mobile #foss #librem #librem5 #purism #archarm #ubports

@PINE64 @ManjaroARM @postmarketOS @debian @martijnbraam @craftyguy @bart @dylanvanassche @ollieparanoid @kop316 @purism @danctnix @ubports

Holy crap, you made it this far! Dayum, that was unexpected. Well, if you feel like it, boosts are really appreciated!

The PEBKAC show has a podcast with an interview of our founder @awai (

Listen, if you want to find out the color of our founder's cat, or learn about his music taste (and band). But also plenty of information about Mobian. The interview starts at 7:20 into the audio.

Unfortunately does not work, but the podcast is e.g. at

Direct audio link:

Thanks to @anotherkiwiguy

Pine64 make Linux-based smartphones, laptops, smartwatches and other hardware. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @PINE64

They also have a video account at...

➡️ @pine64tilvids

...and a podcast at:

➡️ @talkpine

You can find out more from their official site at

There's an unofficial news site at with an account at:

➡️ @pineguild

#Pine64 #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #OSH #Hardware #Smartphones #Smartwatches

We live in a world in which a tree is worth more, financially, dead than alive, in a world in which a whale is worth more dead than alive. For so long as our economy works in that way and corporations go unregulated, they’re going to continue to destroy trees, to kill whales, to mine the earth, and to continue to pull oil out of the ground, even though we know it is destroying the planet and we know that it’s going to leave a worse world for future generations.

What happened This Week in Matrix you ask? Well head over to to find out! (Spoiler alert: 🚀 in more than one way)

Sometimes you end up getting more than you anticipate when you are selfless.

I gave a short talk about on mobile devices at the in Regensburg last weekend ( and I could present the slides using a with HDMI over usb-c connected to the presenter and phom ( as a virtual mouse. Needed some hacks still to e.g. bring up to exit full screen but I think we can make this work out of the box in the future.

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