CNA feature of #Singapore's remote-controlled car community, typically gathering in Woodlands for weekend races

#RCCars #Hobby

Everyone please follow me on my new account

The Press are noticing that former Twitter developers are migrating to Mastodon.

What should raise eyebrows is: Ivory might be "better than Tweetbot ever could be".

This isn't mere hype.

Tweetbot was rolled out in 2011, when Twitter clients were already constrained by API limitations.

However, with Mastodon, Tapbots isn't constrained whatsoever by a proprietary API.

With open protocols, the sky is the limit in how they can innovate!

Twitter ain't limiting them!

Here's a preview of #SpaceHost, a fully-managed Fediverse hosting service that @reiver and I are building.

As you can see, you'll be able to select your Fediverse server based on:

* Micro Blogging
* Macro Blogging
* Forums
* Image Posting
* Video Posting
* Media Posting
* Social Coding


#Introduction / #Pinned

Hey, I'm Jae! A Midwest Non-binary fren who loves nerdy things. Here just to vibe with other kind-hearted people.

I'm very easy-going and don't judge. Just trying to get by, just like many others! Looking forward to meeting y'all. 💞


🌿 | Interests - #VideoGames #Gaming #Nintendo #PCGaming #RetroGaming #Emulation #Nature #ProWrestling #Wrestling #WWE #AEW

✍🏻 | Hobbies - #Writing #Drumming #Singing #Music #RockMusic #Metal #Anime #Art #Tech #Photography

Another day, another tech company cutting their work force because profit. All of this nonsense is certainly causing me to re-evaluate my personal life and career goals.

As someone who has recently moved back to Android from the iPhone, I decided to write up the various Android apps that I'm enjoying these days:

#android #iphone #apps

@IceCubesApp Yours is the best #Mastodon #app hands down, and as soon as I have some spare funds I will be sending you a tip 💰
I have your app running on my #iPhone, #iPad, and #Mac, and it looks & works great on all three platforms.

Scammers get pwned by a Canadian granny! Don't be seduced in a bar by an iPhone thief! And will the US Marshals be able to track down the villains who stole their data? Join me and Carole Theriault, with Anna Brading and Kolide's Jason Meller in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast.

Find it in all good podcast apps, or right here:

#cybersecurity #podcast #iphone #scam #databreach

Two nights ago I received a bunch of aurora alerts but it was -17°C outside so I stayed home staring out the balcony windows unable to see anything due to light pollution. Last night the KP index was slightly lower, but it was +2°C (19° warmer!). So we walked onto Näsijärvi lake and captured these..

(Found out that using night mode works better than long shutters)

#auroraborealis #northernlights #revontulet

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