We live in a world in which a tree is worth more, financially, dead than alive, in a world in which a whale is worth more dead than alive. For so long as our economy works in that way and corporations go unregulated, they’re going to continue to destroy trees, to kill whales, to mine the earth, and to continue to pull oil out of the ground, even though we know it is destroying the planet and we know that it’s going to leave a worse world for future generations.

@jameshjacksonjr - What if money gives the wrong value to everything?

I mean... Economics in the current form has made the climate situation worse. ...and continues to make it even worse.

It seems like a systematic error to me.

Not entirely true. Businesses that log trees are also the biggest planters of trees. They do not want to lose their source of income.
Cows are also worth more dead than alive, and cows are no where near being endangered.

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