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"A new technology can inconspicuously scan the same surface [a blank wall] for shadows and reflections imperceptible to the human eye, then analyze them to determine details, including how many people are in the room—and what they are doing."

Don't miss out on new EFF swag! Set an annual recurring donation so you can get the latest t-shirt and stickers each year! real good read i feel all parents should think twice before posting pics of their kids online especially with out their consent and uf they are nit old enough to give said concent then dont post the pics and stories.

OwnCast is a free open source self-hostable streaming platform, basically a libre alternative to Twitch, and also currently testing Fediverse support too! :blobcool:

There's more info about it on its website at

The project is looking for help running an OwnCast dedicated Fediverse account. (There is currently a bot at @owncast but this just provides automated posts about streamers.)

If you think you can help with this, or want to be involved with the project in any other way, get in touch with OwnCast here:

The project lead is on the Fediverse at @gabek

#OwnCast #Fediverse #Twitch #Alternatives #ActivityPub

If you want to preview how a post looks on Mastodon without anyone else seeing it, select a visibility of "Direct" and toot it. As long as you haven't @-ed anyone, only you will be able to see this post.

It will be a DM to yourself, which means it shows you exactly what the published post looks like, but keeps it hidden.

When you're happy to let others see it, use the "Delete & re-draft" option (in the post's "..." menu) to change the visibility to a more public setting. Then just toot it again, and it will be visible.

(If you want to make multiple changes, just keep DMing the post to yourself and redrafting until you're happy. When you're happy, redraft one more time and change the visibility to a non-direct setting.)

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Mastodon #Previews #Toots #Toot #Tooting

Auditor app version 30 released:

See the linked release notes for an overview of the improvements and a link to the full list of changes.

Love the light and dark themes/wallpapers provided by Olauncher! One of the best launchers on @fdroidorg. Also @GrapheneOS has given us stellar battery life on the Pixel 4a.

@Framasoft There is a LiberaPay page for Framasoft, but there is no link to that from your website. I wonder if this LiberaPay account is yours or fake:

After decades, I'm back to using the classic Casio F91-W. Yesterday I finally caved in and bought it for myself 😅 . It has a nice nostalgic feeling to it and reminds me of my early teenage years when this and CA-53W were trendy in middle schools.This goes very well with my Nokia 8110 4G dumb phone.

Castopod is a podcasting platform for the Fediverse, it's still in alpha but progressing nicely.

You can find out more about it on its account at @Castopod, and there's also a blog at

Podcasts can be hosted on Castopod and followed from the Fediverse. When a new episode is added to Castopod, Fediverse users will see the new episode in their timeline and can comment, like or share it.

#Fediverse #FediTips #Castopod #Podcasts #Podcasting #Podcast

These days people limit their perceptions to 5 inch smartphone screens. What a waste of all the beauty and amazing things which surround us in real life!

Exciting spec changes, exciting releases for clients, QA and lots of testing, a conference held on Matrix... there has been a lot again #ThisWeekInMatrix!

PineTalk is coming back! There will be two episodes a month with new hosts, one focused on news, and other on talk! The first news episode is out now! Let us know what you think!

@cybette and also you have to teach me how to play the carboard piano hehehe

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New Episode Of Freedom Decrypted Posted: Historic Constitutional Amendment Filed For NH To Exit United States :: Left Leaning Union Leader Poll Shows People Of New Hampshire Overwhelmingly Support Succession :: Economic Censorship: Square Deactivates Account Of Legal Business :: Your Government Is Going To Start Tracking Every Financial Transaction You Do Over $600

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