@cybette got my vinyl coming this Friday they give u a free mp3 code to dl to a device you want so i downloaded it to my linux laptop

Warm wishes to @cybette on international womens week a woman who is so intelligent hard working great person all around who deserves all the accolades in the world!!! lets all celebrate international womens week by remembering that education talent and skill and not ones gender should determine what ones salary will be so many times i see the more talanted person paid a lot less due to this and we all need to find productive ways to change this.

And I missed it Happy BELATED Community Manager Appreciation Day! To THE best community manager going always AKA @cybette setting a great example over the years no matter what company she was community manager at.

@linmob and this is what i get on the newest stock browser on the newest OS update the official paid version on sony xperia 10+

@cybette so excited for this hes the founder of pine the one who wrote that seems lots are excited about an official by jolla port to pinephone and pinetab

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