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This just in: I will not be changing the name of my channel. 😆

I got an error when trying to link my Librem Social account with my new LiberaPay account. I thought they were being cheeky, but then I realized they wanted me to use instead.

If YouTube has taught me one thing: it's that this number is meaningless. Still, I'm grateful to all 45k of you who have SMASHED that Subscribe button! <3

This morning's video *could* be the best video I've ever made. More than 10 hours of editing on this video. Holy cow.

The latest episode of the Off Topical podcast is live on

AND this episode finally features @raven67854!!

My latest video is all about how Google Stadia might actually help us!

So all this ruckus about Mozilla and the new premium service was more than enough reason to make a video...

ICYMI, my latest video is all about the GNOME app developer's open letter to the community.

Anyone have questions for the podcast this week?

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