@gbryant I remember needing to specifically install DRM enabling extension in FF (Ubuntu) before I could use Netflix on my udoo board (but this was around an year back). Has there been inclusion of DRM in Kernel itself (the way I'm understanding this: I won't need extension anymore) or is this still only OEM specific (Chromebook in this case) It would be very bad if it's part of open source kernel

@gbryant That was great! I'm with you all the way. Thanks for speaking out!

@gbryant great video . I could not agree more with you about DRM

@gbryant Nice video! I still think DRM is not completely useless. It has its benefits, especially for content creators. We must always find a solution that works in favor of everyone. 😀

@gbryant the issue here is not HDCP (DRM) in the kernel. The issue is that corporations want to controle something they shouldn’t.

DRM has its uses and for those it’s totally fine to use. Like for state secrets. Or a free review copy. But for things That you sell to others you have no rights to use DRM to controle the buyer. (If you want to controle them like that actually keep ownership and do a rent or lease construction with all legal implications of that)

@gbryant Linux supporting the legitimate use cases for DRM is a nonissue. And does not violate the 4 freedoms.(You may still run the program for any purpose, the owner (buyer) may still study the program for any purpose, the owner of the software (buyer) may redistribute the software for any purpose and the owner of the software (buyer) may improve the software).

These freedoms are the same as for anyone using someone else computer / software.
That is what I want to see from a corporation

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