Here's this morning's video. What do you think?

@gbryant I actually agreed with a lot of what you said. While I don't Linux being kind of fractured is a big problem, it can make it harder for newbies to understand because it is kind of a Linux only thing.

I really think that all the Linux influences on YouTube and the like (like you😀) are helping the cause A BUNCH!

And I do think that you are my friend. Keep reminding us at the beginning of the videos instead of all the hot noodle and cauliflower stuff 😉😂.

@gbryant I think I thought this was about your "What's Holding Linux back. Oops.

@gbryant Steam beta looks great so far, but my only issue is still that some games are shonw with a blurry stretched picture and some look awesome. I would prefer if the game developer would send a fitting picture to Valve for updating their new feature.

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