@purism I need Gnome Evolution PIM management program on that phone! :)

@purism I replied to the email about preferred shipping batch, but have not heard anything since.. when should the next response come back (I am quite anxios)

@netnut404 hi we are processing all the responses, we are giving people a window to respond and then will get back to everyone with their final batch. You will also get a notification when your phone ships. Thank you for your patience and excitement!

Is there a place that lists all available apps for the Librem 5?

@micahbp we maintain a list of tested apps we consider essential to a core phone experience over here and will keep adding to it puri.sm/posts/the-librem-5-app but you have access to most of the Debian ARM repo which will work in desktop mode if the phone meets the min hardware specs. I am personally really excited to use the Librem 5 as my only work and mobile device. Mobile app support comes down to whether the app developer implemented a responsive UI e.g. Fractal and other GNOME apps.

@micahbp we are looking forward to see more devs add responsive UIs, it's going to be an incredible experience to use the same desktop apps in mobile mode! Hope this helps :) Please ask any more questions. Have you ordered a Librem 5?

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