I'm really excited for my . @purism can you send me mine early to get a review out on launch day? Haha

@gbryant @purism today my old phone scared the **** out of me when I thought it had died, please let It wait untill I have the L5 safely in my hands 😅

Your enthusiasm for Librem 5 is contagious, @gbryant. It would be weird if you didn't get the device before the launch day.

I'm going to buy it too, but first I have to save some money. Thank you for your hard work, @purism.

@nowakowski @gbryant thank you to both of you for the support and excitement!

@gbryant @purism I back that up 100% - I will most likely be purchasing one. But have to see how good the final product is, I have been burnt on crowd funded projects. Although I have faith that Purism gonna deliver! 😎👌

@gbryant Same here. Missed the Ubuntu touch phone when that first dropped. Not missing this again. Look forward to your unboxing/review vid if you get as one of the first people

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