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We're very happy to be a partner of the HTC EXODUS and thus to be the default search engine on it.

It's together that we can make progress in terms of privacy. Join the movement!


Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s web browser has become spy software

Our latest privacy experiment found Chrome ushered more than 11,000 tracker cookies into our browser — in a single week. Here’s why Firefox is better.

#privacy #google #firefox #chrome #spy #encryption #tracker #cookies #surveillance

I've been researching for a decade and I've found always quite informative. as with any problem with digital media, there is software to make it easier

are used to gain public approval and even to manipulate us, so it is important to know how reality can be different from intuition: "An Explainer on the Base Rate Fallacy and PNR"

"Until appropriate safeguards are in place, we need a moratorium on biometric technology that identifies individuals"

Reading about how browser aims to remove unique IDs when counting users makes me think about how hasn't been tracking users from the beginning, and stopped tracking downloads years ago, and seems to only have become more popular. Makes me think that developed by community motivated by doing the right thing is a better way than a or being driven by . Maybe improving the of tracking is missing the point.

is a new way for websites to practice and build trust with users by disabling access to APIs that are not used. Browsers already include it but the spec isn't final: it is missing a way to set the default to none. Join the discussion here

circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

I've started integrating the new Anti-Features icons into #FDroid. Here's an early preview. Turned out even better than I dared to hope. Thanks @redplanet for designing the icons.

GitHub has added Liberapay to the funding platforms supported in the `FUNDING.yml` file:

If you want to contribute and translate @silence to your language, you can do it here :


We have joined the ! We chose @purism since they are doing good things with , hardware designed for it, and services designed around with anti-harassment in mind. Also, since this is a public account, it makes sense that this instance is only public posts.

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