Steve Jobs was from the Silicon Valley, born and raised and lived his whole life there. All these people are from somewhere else: Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Sergei Brin, Eric Schmidt, Larry Ellison, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone.

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is now getting lots of press for being the recipient of people leaving the Silicon Valley. “They just keep coming. The fleece vests, the tech bros—that’s definitely imported from California.” What is key to note here is that this same flood hit the Silicon Valley in the 90s. These hoards are not "from California", they almost all came from somewhere else. Now they are leaving and ruining other places.

Now its clear that cars are going , it is time to stop subsidizing cars entirely. The climate impact of just building an electric car greatly exceeds the entire climate impact of the life of biking or public transit systems. Electric car subsidies are now supporting stupid projects like 's tunnels, which is just a bad reinvention of the subway.

Donors have influence, and big donors even more. is now steering global health research in the things he decides himself to focus on. This is dangerous

is making zero cost sharing contracts with EU companies. We know this story already: if you're not the customer, then you're the product. Now its happening on a country-wide level, with whole countries giving into

is constantly expanding, cities are consistently adding 5-10% more light a year. This is a waste of energy, harms people's sleep, stops plants from breeding, and disturbs animal and insect life. On top of that, the night is also beautiful.

In case you missed it, Google Play recently removed the @Tusky Mastodon app without proper explanation.

Tusky is one of the best Android Mastodon apps, with nothing controversial in it at all. It's quite disturbing that Google can and does act like this.

An alternative and much better way of getting Tusky onto your Android device is by using the independent FOSS app store @fdroidorg

You can find instructions for installing F-Droid here:

#FediTips #MastoTips #Tusky

F-Droid has taken the next step in providing metrics in a ethical way that includes strong privacy protections. v1.12-alpha3 has an opt-in "popularity contest" reporting mechanism in the Expert Settings. For more info, see

@jz "How dare they buy ads on Facebook, ahem, I mean meddle in our elections!"

@Blort @fdroidorg Sure, you could review app suggestions in the RFP tracker to see if they are worth considering for inclusion

@adbenitez @fdroidorg yeah has become a pain to use. We have considered, it would be a large project to migrate.

@raucao F-Droid uses Debian for almost everything. I'm not aware of any Ubuntu servers.

If you are looking for a way to help F-Droid get updates out faster, considering diving into the code and contributing! Relevant issues to tackle can be found here:

@jz I totally agree these kinds of activities are often shady or unethical. I was saying its not particularly new or surprising, unfortunately.

should spend a lot more money on . By 2016 they spent $9 billion on Android, and made $22 billion in profit. It is clear that Android users are not the customers here.

@jz Sounds like your standard practice "supporting free media", many countries give money to the foreign journalists whose work they support, like US, UK, Sweden. I'm guessing France too.

@guardianproject @fdroidorg
Popularity Contest aka F-Droid is now posted as a merge request, it should be included in the v1.12-alpha1 which will be out soon.

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