@fdroidorg here's a classic tactic: use "open source" to get devs hooked, then gradually slip in proprietary bits. 's core apps move ever more towards proprietary, and they also do this with libraries like com.google.ar:core github.com/google-ar/arcore-an

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@fdroidorg is dedicated to enforcing for apps. There is big money pushing hard to make people slip, Google is one of those. I've been working on free software since 1994, and from what I've seen, this approach is the only way to make progress. If no one enforces it, then everyone just slips into proprietary software.

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg you're contributions are always valuable! We're in the middle of a lot of things now, including a major overhaul of the guts of fdroidclient, the buildserver, setting up F-Droid as its own legal entity, etc. etc. So I've only had time recently to review things I'm directly working on. That also means that fdroidclient is working async, so your merge request won't bitrot so fast and is still valuable. Of course, we should be communicating all this more.

Cool job opportunity! @torproject is looking for a software engineer to join the applications team. You would be hacking away on the Tor Browser! torproject.org/about/jobs/soft

Stories written by life – or in this case by Licaon_Kter, one of F-Droid’s contributors: „From user to contributor and beyond“. To help support the work of Licaon_Kter and other contributors, please consider donating to F-Droid. We’re looking to raise €1,200 per week so Licaon_Kter can keep contributing full-time.


Today's agreement on the #DigitalServicesAct is historic!

We are now one step closer to new ground-breaking rules that will:

⛔️ ensure online platforms are held responsible for tackling harmful content
🛡️ better protect internet users
🚀 help smaller platforms grow


Native download executables from the internet and executes them. It bypasses the gradle verification methods. Anyone know if it does any of its own?

Anyone in "the West" having a hard time understanding why Russians follow Putin, think back to Cold War days. We were taught that Soviets were just itching to kill us, and we needed a strong defense. For example, Red Dawn was taken seriously in 1984 youtube.com/watch?v=1_I4WgBfET

For anyone looking to run a full fledged circumvention system, we're working to bring 's proven software to any context, starting with github.com/greatfire/envoy

According to research by Erica Chenoweth, non-violent resistance is twice as likely to succeed as violent resistance

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