Just uploaded v3.4.0 to . It is an easy way to get started with analyzing APK files to see what is in them.

People worry a lot about losing knowledge — about "burned-down libraries".

Comparatively few people seem to worry about what happens if you take a billion books full of auto-generated, often-untrue junk text and *add* them all to the library.

In theory, nothing is lost. In reality, everything is lost, because nothing useful can now be found.

I have never really liked discussing whether you have something to hide, as an argument for or against security or privacy. First, it's irrelevant - everyone has these rights no matter what. But also, once you start talking about "hiding", you have already lost the discussion - because it's a word that is associated with negative connotations.

I think we should change the discourse. I don't have anything to hide. But I do have many things to protect. I have the right to protect my privacy. I have the right to protect my communication. I have the right to protect my work. I have the right to protect my friends and family.

#SomethingToProtect #Privacy

@fdroidorg @guardianproject @eighthave gives opportunity to the free software community to release and distribute apps into this pilot - European Commission will open tenders on the website to help deliver on these goals of alternative open app stores #fosdem

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And now @eighthave discusses what it takes to actually publish your mobile apps as free software on four freedom compliant app stores that respect and build trust with your users #fosdem

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.... And now more on open app stores for the EU with @fdroidorg and @guardianproject member @eighthave - the EU MEP has tabled a funded pilot project that would support "De-monopolized access to apps" #fosdem #fosdem23

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Two awkward interview techniques:
1. Leave strategic awkward silences ... which can prompt the interviewee to start talking again
2. Ask why, why, why follow up questions (even if its makes you look silly)
#Fosdem2023 #fosdem

The next time you use any navigation device, software or openstreetmap.org/directions or @organicmaps thank Dr. Gladys West. Her contributions to the mathematical modeling of the shape of Earth, and her work on the development of the satellite models that were eventually incorporated into the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. #BlackMastodon #BlackHistoryMonth


is essential in and but wow is it confusing to get started putting releases up there. I guess I don't think like Java devs. I wrote up a quick HOWTO about how I manage to do it: gitlab.com/-/snippets/2482490

The F-droid app is undergoing major changes: Faster and smaller updates thanks to a new repository format.

For this, we needed to change the entire app database. To ensure that there are no regression we need your help: Please install the latest alpha version of F-Droid 1.16 and report anything unusual.

Just what I needed: some good news about the impact of the . The EU has probably contributed the most to so we should also be staying on top of the solutions. "Wind and solar were EU’s top electricity source in 2022 for first time ever" carbonbrief.org/wind-and-solar

@openandroidinstaller how would we go about getting another ROM added? @calyxos should definitely be there, and devs from @calyxinstitute can help.

Did you know?

As opposed to a regular C-corporation which maximizes shareholder value above all else, we put our customers’ digital rights above our profits.

Learn more about why we put your digital rights first as a Social Purpose Company.


Open Technology Fund Announces ‘Free and Open Source Software’ Sustainability Fund

> The Open Technology Fund is pleased to announce the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Sustainability Fund, a new mechanism to support the long-term maintenance of FOSS projects and the communities that sustain them.


At , @marcel_kolaja will present the pilot project to look into open-sourcing the EU's apps and publishing them outside of including on @fdroidorg. @eighthave will join, talking about how F-Droid will help pull the EU towards . Join us! fosdem.org/2023/schedule/event

🗓️ This Saturday we will join @fosdem to introduce the work of 🇪🇺 Open Source Program Office (@EC_OSPO)

With over 750 lecturers and 8000 participants, FOSDEM is the largest conference in Europe that promotes the use of free and open source software.

Learn more ➡️ bit.ly/3DH70M7

View from the inside of a cello (photographer unknown).

Imagine if there was a billion in aid to to convince more Russian soldiers to desert. tactics like this are effective, and are much cheaper and vastly less destructive than the many 10s of billions in military aid that is flowing there.


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