In 1948, Yugoslavia was expelled from Cominform, the Soviet information agency, in retaliation for its "non-aligned" status; deprived of information-processing capacity, the country created its own IT industry from scratch.

Yugoslavia's high tariffs and uneasy status on the world stage meant that by the 1970s, members of the New Wave" - science and tech enthusiasts who clustered around the sf/electronic mag Galaksija - could only play with PCs by pooling their mone


I've been having the feeling recently that search engines are getting worse and worse. For example, I'm looking to understand the of plants to better grow it. Searching for "lifecycle of basil" gives me a number of short blog posts on the topic, that all contain pretty much the same summary. Mixed in are a litany of products for sale like bike products. I find it hard to believe there is so little in depth information on the about such a popular plant.

Must good street art be illegal? I'm used to NYC street art culture, where its almost always against the law, including the and related events we did. In Vienna, there are large areas where painting everything in public is fully allowed. There's a festival now where murals are being painted on blank walls around the city. I appreciate the murals from previous years, but have this funny feeling that its somehow less when its allowed. Crazy or valid?

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I cannot stress enough how key OTF has been to funding the tools people all over the world rely on for security and anonymity online, and how harmful it is to withhold those funds.

"As a cop, I killed someone. Then I found out it happens more often than we know... We must work toward a society where citizens and their governmental representatives – the police – aren’t so terrified of one another."

Beware the Unified Court: even if it is a good idea, they way it is being put together pretty much guarantees there will be hidden nasty surprises. Its delay is one benefit of

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Not to be missed: @OpenTechFund has their CEO back which is great news. But @USAGMgov still controls their $

In the meantime Digital Authoritarians continue their work around the world...

Great alternatives to Google Maps that use #OpenStreetMap data:

- Qwant Maps: website, has directions. Highlights the fact that data is from #OSM, providing links to view and edit the data.
- F4map: website, 3D views of cities.
- MAPS.ME: mobile apps with a neat vector renderer. Minimalist. Works offline. More obviously profit-oriented.
- OsmAnd: mobile apps with lots of features. Offline too. (Too?) many customisations and options available.

CryptPad is a free open source online office suite which can be used collaboratively and anonymously. It is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google's Drive/Docs services.

You can follow them here:

➡️ @cryptpad

You can self-host CryptPad or use their official instance. Their website is at

The system is designed to be "zero knowledge", so the people hosting have no access to users' data.

#CryptPad #FOSS #FLOSS #GoogleDrive #GoogleDocs #Alternatives #Privacy

interesting talk by one of the academics involved in the and how they worked with those companies

"the venture industry is no longer as focused on finding small companies that might one day change the world but more on creating financial instruments for the wealthy"

Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.


So what you're saying is, after 18 months you've mined all the profit you can out of your users' data, which is the real heart of what you do.

Original tweet :

There's some crazy internal US politics right now that threatens #OpenTechFund, who funded #LetsEncrypt, #CertBot, @torproject , #NoScript, TLS ESNI/ECH, #DNSPrivacyProj, #ReproducibleBuilds, #Wireguard, #DeltaChat, #OpenKeychain, #pypi, @guardianproject , @signalapp , and more. Looks like a couple proprietary software companies are trying to take over this #FreeSoftware money. Please sign on to the campaign to try to stop it:

The German Corona Warn App went live today. F-Droid cannot distribute the app for multiple reasons:

1) The core bluetooth contact tracing functionality is only implemented in Google play services and requires proprietary client libs to be included in the app.
2) The google api mentioned above is only available for use by apps which are whitelisted by google and distributed through the play store.

German Version:
Die #CoronaWarnApp wurde heute veröffentlich. DIe app kann es nicht bei F-Droid geben, da die Kernfunktionalität in den Google Play Services implementiert ist und proprietäre Bibliotheken in der App benötigt.
Außerdem erlaubt Google die Benutzung der Contact Tracing api nur speziell freigeschalteten Apps, die über den Play Store installiert worden sind.

It seems that Google wants to make using app bundles a requirement for new apps on Google Play in 2021:

This would mean developers have to upload their signing keys to google play even though there's no technical benefit in doing that. You can achieve the same efficient download sizes by using bundletool locally and uploading all generated apks. But it seems google will stop allowing that and just wants your signing keys.

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