is proving to be quite -able, humans need to stay in charge, with only as an assistant:
"Hackers stuck a 2-inch strip of tape on a 35-mph speed sign and successfully tricked 2 Teslas into accelerating to 85 mph"

"The command line options we deserve" - Why curl has so many options, why we can't change them and there will be more in the future. Should we add a (G)UI?

After more than ten years working to remove in software, I now see that tracking usage without tracking people is possible. Tracking is essential to , so is still full of moral hazards

One murky area of is what the do with the all the they inevitably collect. Big mirrors like have no apparent public . Purdue PLUG and FAU post theirs

policies need not be dense legalese meant to confuse and obscure, @EFF's provides a well crafted, privacy promise for like minded organizations to adopt

The CIA literally owned Crypto AG from 1970 on, pushing out weakened crypto systems and allowing them to read messages sent around the world.


Our next #BinaryTransparency log is to monitor all the binaries for #Android SDK components that are #FreeSoftware. Those binaries are central to Android development, and #Google has done some strange things with them in the past. Its implemented as a git repo and has a basic JSON API

"There was a popular idea that spying on your spouse was fair game...making it detectable was not a priority." Learn more about the fight against stalkerware from @evacide's keynote at @AppSecCali:

We have started a #BinaryTransparency log of gradle binaries to monitor what is published, since those binaries are central to Android development. Its implemented as a git repo and has a basic JSON API:

free access to medical information is a moral imperative, is making this clear. publishing should be a requirement for medical research

Without a moratorium or a ban, law enforcement agencies will continue to exploit technologies like Clearview’s and hide their use from the public.

Hey #fosdem, the #FSFE is hiring: We are looking for interns and trainees experienced in legal, policy or technical fields to join our team in our Berlin office.

If you are interested, get in touch at our booth.

#publiccode #reuse #foss #floss #jobs

@Karlitschek explains at #FOSDEM why GPL is actually great for business (like it is for @nextcloud ), and why open source should not become closed/proprietary just to fight back against cloud competitors like Amazon, Google & Microsoft. #NextGenerationInternet

Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

The latest iOS & Android updates make the option to opt-out of location tracking very pronounced, & users are acting on it.

"Since the launch of iOS 13 last fall, the amount of background location data that marketers collect has dropped by 68%."

Original tweet :

In 2020 our world is only 8.6% circular. In other words - we waste more than 92% of everything we consume. Our global engine is stuck in reverse. We've teamed up with to explore how we can close this circularity gap.

Here is some good #privacy news: the Eu Advocate General has concluded national mass retention laws in the EU are illegal. Countries can not demand that internet providers just keep massive amounts of personal data because it might be useful some day.

It has gotten ridiculous how much lighting humans live with now. I just donated to support research, like this awesome interactive map:

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