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@Aurimas I'd like to help improve the verification support in Android Studio. How would you recommend I engage? I've had mixed results submitting things to official Android channels, mostly I get silence, so I'd like to know if there is a channel where you think my feedback, testing and experiences would be heard.

Putin constantly talks about fighting fascists because he specifically aims to dehumanize. He can say everyone Russia kills was a fascist, and people buy it. And so many people call protestors Antifa to dehumanize them, so they can justify treating them badly. And I heard too often from friends, things like "I don't advocate violence, but he's a fascist so he deserves it".

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I'm pretty sick of the obsession with / . It really is a counterproductive debate. There basically are no actual Fascists these days, current political parties are organized differently, and the people who are actually part of Antifa groups have always been small isolated groups. The words have become meaningless and dangerous, like just "person who I think is bad". Using the terms dehumanizes the situation and makes political solutions much harder.

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This city in Namibia tore down the statue of German commander Curt Karl Bruno von François, who carried out a massacre of Indigenous people.

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The European Parliament is under a cyber attack. As Quaestor responsible for ICT equipment, I've been in touch with the IT department and we will do our best to defend our institution.

This happens after the European Parliament declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism.

Want to improve Mastodon's Single Sign On support? I've hacked the #SSO #OIDC code to retrieve the roles from the auth server, but don't actually know ruby or rails or #OAuth so this PR could use more experienced eyes. github.com/mastodon/mastodon/p

Gelebte Neutralität, auf österreichische Art: Russlands Sat-Spionage im Visier der NSA (Luftiges Video, von Nachahmungen dieses Stunts wird dringend abgeraten) fm4.orf.at/stories/3029201/

#Introduction time! I'm rysiek. On fedi since before it was fedi ­— I see you, old StatusNet guard!

Did information security and infrastructure for #PanamaPapers journalists, fought #ACTA on the streets and in meetings, helped write the book on #NetNeutrality, started a hackerspace and a half, and wrote a bunch of code.

Media literacy is a human right. Protocols, not platforms. Communities, not customers. User-Authored Works, not user-generated content.

#Privacy #InfoSec #FreeCulture #FLOSS

Now that I'm focused on client development, I have lots of time to toot because Gradle/Android builds take so damn long as compared to Python. 😂 😭

I was giving a computing ethics lecture about #FOSS and #antifeatures around 2014. Lots of folks there had never even heard of #FDroid. Maybe it's still not well-known?

F-Droid is a repository and platform for FOSS on Android. Their app can manage your other apps, much like you do with the Google Play Store.

When I need an Android app for something, I always check F-Droid first, just because the apps are trustworthy.


I'll reply with a few of my favorite apps on F-Droid... 🧵

I guess the tricky part there is that those stub classes need to be named the same as the proprietary dependencies, including the gradle lines. I wonder if it would make sense to have a repo that parallels Maven Central and maven.google.com that just contains stub libraries with the same Maven coordinates as the proprietary libs that many projects depend on.

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and both operate by loading all dependencies and classes that are used in a project, unlike C or C++, which can them out. This makes a bit harder when touching proprietary libraries, since all dependencies must be present at build time. If a build requires proprietary blobs, the resulting binaries cannot be free software. One workaround is to make free stub classes in build flavors to replace the proprietary build dependencies when building.

Tired of your weather app violating your privacy, e.g. by instantly collecting your location data?

Worried because it has tracking software included?

You may try out the privacy-friendly #TinyWeatherForecastGermany , available at #fdroid :fdroid: :

This is a #floss #android #weather #app using precise and detailed #opendata from the #dwd (Deutscher Wetterdienst).

Supports #forecasts for over 5000 places worldwide, a rain radar and weather warnings for Germany.

After years of being one of the few to keep pushing dependency verification and even signatures on binaries, while getting responses like "gpg in 2022? wtf?", it is gratifying to see that not only has full adopted this workflow, but also developers at Google:


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That is just not true.

I spent 40 years writing software and I have written UIs in Smalltalk and Matlab.

There is no user interface where you do not have to learn something.

The only reason this is an issue here is because the new users expect something like Twitter. And it isn't like Twitter.

Read this:


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Migrating maps.google.com to google.com/maps, a benign change?

Not really, now Google has permission to geo-track you across all of its services, cf. garrit.xyz/posts/2022-11-24-sm 😈

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~2 Jahre hat eine Arbeitsgruppe der Konferenz der unabhängigen Datenschutz-Aufsichtsbehörden von Bund und Ländern (DSK) versucht, Nachbesserungen bei Microsoft 365 zu erreichen.

👉 Zusammenfassung des Berichts der AG zu #MS365: datenschutzkonferenz-online.de

Festlegung der DSK: 👇

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After two years of negotiations with Microsoft, the joint committee of the German federal data protection authority and 17 state regulators (DSK) published a devastating statement that essentially says that organizations currently cannot use MS365 in a lawful way under the GDPR.

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