"Die fehlende Zustimmung Österreichs zum EU-Renaturierungsgesetz blockiert derzeit den Beschluss dieses Gesetzes im EU-Umweltministerrat.

Die Unterzeichnenden dieser Petition ersuchen jedes einzelne Bundesland, dem Gesetz zuzustimmen."


Which flag best symbolises Europe's unity?

Many ideas were submitted to the Council of Europe in the 1950s, but the 🇪🇺 EU flag was unanimously adopted on 8 December 1955.

Seven decades on, the flag embodies the values of unity, solidarity, diversity and harmony and is the most recognisable symbol of our European identity.

Ahead of #EuropeDay, get to know it ⬇️

The F-Droid Board of Directors got an update with a few new faces, some remaining ones and one leaving.



's core crypto/tls library merged client support! It should be included in the Go v1.23 release. Server-side support is still in the works.


Now that is removing ever more apps from their Chinese app stores, it looks like Chinese mobile buyers are leaving Apple in droves. Most recently it was , , , and more. True to their status, Apple locks users in with no other supported option for installing apps. For Android devices, there are lots of app stores available.


:microsoft: ➡️ :matrix: It's a Big Freaking Deal when we can move any #UnitedNations organization away from #Microsoft.

The system-wide IT shop UNICC has announced its move to #Matrix:


The lack of direct funding to all the code maintainers the monopoly companies rely on is a clear sign how little they actually care about security. They have massive profit margins, so they have the cash. And a company can just give cash to devs. I know this because in early days just handed @guardianproject $100,000 to do what we were doing. Among other things, we used that to work on IOCipher, our per-app encryption lib, back when Android stored files unencrypted.

Completely mind boggling to me that we threw away 5 billion phones in 2022.

Some of those could have been repurposed: smartphones are hardly innovating any more. The most eco-friendly phone is the one you already have.

We need to publicly support communities like @postmarketOS who work on making these phones repurposable, and @gnome that work on making a polished mobile experience that serves people, not creepy corporations.


It's pretty unsavory how everybody talks about #MarketPlaces when it comes to platforms for distributing apps. I guess because of #DMA. But it's important to take a step back and appreciate that like many other #FOSS platforms #FDroid is not a maket place, it's a #commons.


We’re excited to share details about STF’s investment in @gnome to improve accessibility, tooling, and security for the Linux desktop ecosystem. Learn more about the comprehensive plan to modernize the platform and support features in the public interest:


Every time I do tech support for my family I get very angry about people who whine about lacking "tech literacy".

90% of the stuff I have to teach them is how to navigate manipulative software and dark patterns. This has nothing to do with tech, but with capitalism. Tech is not complicated, it is just made maximally confusing on purpose to remove agency.

Better tech ed won't fix this.

We need your help! Call your senators and tell them to vote NO on reauthorizing and expanding Section 702. eff.org/risaa

"Just search for 'Linux Foundation Events' in your app store to find our brand new [proprietary?] AI-powered app!"

- Jim Zemlin @ #OSSNA

#OSSNA24 #FDroid #hypocrisy

🕵️🔎🔎📱 The “repackaged” EU Council version of #chatcontrol still includes #MassSurveillance & serious threats to #encryption. Fortunately 🇩🇪🇵🇱🇫🇷🇦🇹🇳🇱🇪🇪🇫🇮 have acknowledged the severe concerns. We call on EU Member States to reject this dangerous position.

Come work with us at @sovtechfund for a unique job opportunity where you'll be at the intersection of bug bounty programs and public interest.

As the BRP Manager, you'll spearhead our efforts to enhance bug resilience in FOSS projects, leveraging responsible bug bounty programs and more to make a meaningful impact in open source critical infrastructure.

Apply now at sovereigntechfund.de/jobs/bug-

(You're welcome to apply even if you don't meet 100% of the description, it's just a wishlist)

Major push to impose a U.S. site-blocking law. Nothing has changed since SOPA. Of course, lawful content would also be blocked arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20 #Quad9

Lots of hackers would love to go in an contribute to new projects. If there was a way that people could make a living doing that, we would greatly improve the ecosystem. Lots of devs want to improve the code they work on, but so many company ban employees from contributing to . One promising new model is maintenance funding from governments and foundations, like @sovtechfund and . Since 93% of codebases use , this affects the entire software ecosystem


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