Do you remember when Facebook bought WhatsApp and they told us that WhatsApp won't be sharing any data with Facebook?

"WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook"

#WhatsApp #Facebook #Privacy

Key parts of the tools package suite no longer build on anything but x86. This is also true with the new 10.0.0 version. I'd love to see the and packages make it into . We need contributors! If you can help, see:

had employees use fake accounts posing as child pornographers and Islamic State members join meetings of Chinese dissidents so they could terminate the accounts of Chinese dissidents because the meetings "violated the terms of service".

That Zoom shut down accounts and calls where people were talking about Tiananmen Square is bad enough. But you need to understand the subtext: Zoom says that their calls are encrypted and private, and yet they can monitor them.

Those two things are mutually exclusive. This entire video chat system is built on a foundation of lies and backdoors.

How old is your (smart) phone since its release?

We've identified two new, easy data points for , and are already applying them to @fdroidorg They can be added to @exodus Looking forward to seeing what others do with this!

I'm starting work on the "Popularity Contest" idea for @fdroidorg that will provide statistics on app usage as part of @guardianproject's project, follow progress at

It is time for a comeback of double spaces between sentences! The rationale for switching to single in text is fonts. With the rise of and blogs, lots of people are writing prose in again.

I've started to really enjoy writing tests for the code I'm working on. They are fun when you view them as a puzzle with a clear end, unlike most of software development. It used to be so hard to think of how to write them, with practice, it has gotten a lot easier.

's is well known for providing access to digital media where there is no Internet. It should also be recognized for a system with decentralized, built-in, human-powered curation. Thanks @SujathaTF for highlighting that.

Starting this week, I want to try something new in the weekly meeting slot (Thursdays @ 11:30 UTC): I'll have "office hours" so anyone can come and ask any question, either via the regular chat channels, or realtime voice in

Facial recognition may just be the beginning. Next generation video analytics tools could allow police to track people by their hair, their clothing, and more:

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