Visiting the Norwegian city of Bergen, I cycled along a stunning 3-km bike path blasted through a mountain.

It's the longest bike tunnel in the world -- and a centerpiece of Bergen's plans to reduce driving.

I wrote about it in Bloomberg CityLab.

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I was in a European city new to me at an event where the planners assumed that Uber and Bolt where the only taxi options people would use. I asked for a taxi phone number, called and had a car in 5 minutes. That's much quicker than the account signup, and leaks much less private data. Taxi apps are not more efficient, horrible for privacy, and their business model is based on building a monopoly. I guess fancy UX in the apps really hooks people, or I'm missing something

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft

These are the first 6 companies designated as ‘gatekeepers' under the Digital Markets Act.

They have 6 months to ensure their core platform services comply with our rules, including:

✔ Allowing users to unsubscribe and remove pre-installed services
✔ Allowing the download of alternative app stores

❌ Banning tracking outside of their services without consent
❌ Stopping ranking their products more favourably!NbfBbn


Another problem that often goes ignored is how less attractive countries can keep the people that they have paid to educate. I know this first hand because my father was a doctor who was educated by the social system of including an annual stipend that he lived off of, then he left for once he finished his studies. Austria paid to educate a doctor but got little in return. This dynamic is common around the world, medical pros from poorer countries emigrate to richer ones. 3/3

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I grew up the child of an immigrant and emigrated myself, so clearly I'm not anti-immigration. When incoming streams are too large, that will drive housing prices up and wages down, that's the basic economics of supply and demand. But there are also advantages, like letting refugees flee war zones.

Also, for many people it is quite stressful when their neighborhood changes from single language to majority other language. This had happened in neighborhoods in less than 20 years. 2/

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We need to build a tolerant, anti-racist debate about , otherwise we abandon those who have experienced problems with immigration. Their only recourse is then to go to the racist politicians since they are talking about reducing immigration. There are lots of legitimate concerns about immigration, especially when the incoming streams are large or when areas newly gain a large portion of immigrants. 1/

I think it is impossible to regulate or with the current structure of because it is all about pricing as if software was a commodity. Until takes into account , it will be an extremely limited tool for dealing with problematic software companies. This is laid bare in this current case against

The most promise is in . 's & 's policy overhaul shows promise.

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Economic analysis fails when discussing : economists want to think about software as a commodity, where one app is a drop in replacement for another, like buying wheat or oil from a different supplier. User-facing software is really about a culture and conversation between users and developers. Consider and Org-mode. This would entirely fail in either direction, the cultures are too different. Teams is for large top-down mgmt, emacs for decentralized hackers. 1/

The old bobsled run from the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo is quite fun to walk down, with some lovely graffiti. But it is difficult to still see the scars of war, almost 30 years later.

Too often media about "" projects really promote some niche solutions but portray them as important pieces to solve the crisis. For example: data center waste water for lobster farms. Cool that it works. But Lobster is an expensive luxury food. This seems like the perfect product for those who don't want to feel guilty about owning a or flying to distant eco-resorts. We need more about eating lentils and avoiding silly digital services.

If a country has labor shortages and record profits at the same time, that means the markets there are quite broken. Profit means companies have spare money to spend on things like paying workers better, so people want to take the jobs. Companies can only get away with this situation because there isn't competition there to step in.

To deliver on our mission, we are (Update 2) launching our 2023 RFP *today* - and are looking forward to proposals ranging from new original research to implementation of prior findings. Deadline for the Call is October 1st. Apply via - All info below.

Statements like this make me question if is actually a useful info source:

"Since APKs downloaded from outside Google Play cannot be vetted, the best way to protect against these threats is to avoid installing Android apps from third-party sites in the first place."

not only vets the binaries it ships, it also vets the source code. is not the safest source of apps on .

Google's new Takeout interface (see image). Good stuff: allows storing the data in other non-Drive services (Box, Dropbox), periodic exports, granular selection of data, good coverage of common formats. Bad stuff: still no actual portability through interoperability - you cannot do service-to-service transfer.

If #Facebook is officially designated a gatekeeper under the #DigitalMarketsAct this September, by March 2024 we're supposed to see «a reference offer laying down the technical details and general terms and conditions of interoperability»: art. 7(4).

It will be interesting to see what role, if any, #Threads will have in it.

The #DMA is the official reason to not launch it in the #EU, per Bloomberg News and Mosseri on Verge.

From today on the English version of "Ada & #Zangemann - A Tale of Software, Skateboards, and Raspberry Ice Cream" should be available from your preferred book store world-wide with the ISBN 978-1-718-50320-5 or directly from the publisher #nostarchpress

Your help sharing your thoughts about the book with others in different channels would be highly appreciated.

On the public , mystery accounts are creating Old English (ang) and Middle English (enm) in the projects. They don't respond to my messages, or do any translation work. This makes me suspect foul play. Anyone have any ideas?

For example:

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