We hit a major new milestone our DEfO partnership project to accelerate adoption of Encrypted ClientHello (): Stephen Farrell made a pull request to with a complete, working implementation: github.com/openssl/openssl/pul

Google's war on ad-blockers continues! Google will slow down the update process for third-party extensions by requiring them to be reviewed by the Chrome Web Store. 🚫

This means YouTube can counter ad-blockers while slowing their release of workarounds. 🤢

This David and Goliath situation looks to be even more unbalanced than previously thought.
👉 tuta.com/blog/google-search-mo

@U039b would you want f-droid.org to automatically upload all releases to beta.pithus.org? If so, that is something I would like to setup.

@eighthave It is one of the many reasons why in PiRogue Tool Suite we decided to use another technique enabling TLS traffic decryption. Instead of using MITM proxy, we retrieve encryption keys directly from the device's memory: pts-project.org/guides/g8/#tls

One thing about () that I'm a little worried about is that it will make inspection of traffic harder to the point where it might restrict lots of important kinds of inspection. When the software we use is not , then we cannot see what it is doing by reading the source code. We need to inspect the network traffic. So it is very important that it is possible to inspect traffic that uses ECH as well, despite that middleware companies will abuse this

() plus private DNS will enable a nice privacy improvement in combination with a VPN: set the DNS nameserver to something other than the VPN provider's nameserver. For ECH-enabled sites, the VPN provider sees your IP and connections to the CDN. The CDN and the DNS nameserver sees the VPN's IP.

* VPN sees who (account, personal IP, etc.) and what (CDN)
* CDN sees where (domain name)
* DNS sees where (domain name)

Before ECH, the VPN could see who, what, and where

is not a messenger, it really had become the next generation of . It has all the pieces in place: masses of users, massive groups where anyone can join, , etc. The only real difference is that they have to put some of the logic in the client app, because servers see message , but not content.

As a company, Facebook only knows how to do so it is no wonder that they turn everything into spying machines to us.

A glimpse into our future when packs of guided by gone wrong to stupid things en masse: "Google Maps misleads Californians into the desert during dust storm"


Danke , alle soll wissen dass die Nazis Autos Vorrang in die Stadt gegeben haben:

Doch der technologische Fortschritt und die nationalsozialistische Ideologie gaben den Autos Vorrang. Die Straßenverkehrsordnung von 1938 machte das „Kraftfahrzeug“ zum „Volksfahrzeug“, „der Langsame“ habe auf „den Schnelleren“ Rücksicht zu nehmen: „Im Straßenverkehr gehen die Bedürfnisse des motorisierten Schnellverkehrs den Bedürfnissen der Fußgänger vor.“

Happy 36th anniversary of the Max Headroom Signal Hijacking, for those who celebrate.

@jcaleitao has been trying to use your gateway, but it does not seem to be working. ipfs.joaoleitao.org/ipfs/bafyb returns "502 Bad Gateway" but that CID works on other gateways. Are you still maintaining your gateway? Are there restrictions on what it will host? f-droid.org is all free open source software apps, so should be uncontroversial.

So there is a lack of accessibility to folks in the #GlobalSouth in particular. These Motorolas cost around half of what the budget versions of Pixel phones cost and are sold in many countries in continents where Pixels are not, including in #SouthAmerica #Asia and #MENA

Thank you to #StartSmall and jack dorsey for believing in us, and for the funding that made this possible ! And a BIG thank you to our friends at @LineageOS for their work on platform support for the Motorola phones

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Huge announcement ! @calyxos is now available for the Motorola G32, G42 and G52 ! Why is this a big deal ? Because it helps us further our mission of making #PrivacyByDesign available to the maximum amount of people around the world as we can..

Google Pixel phones are the default and easiest phones to support while maintaining the #Android security model with a locked boot loader and full verified boot. But they are only sold in around a dozen countries around the world...

EFF's latest report shows that many of the internet's ills have one thing in common: they're based on the business model of widespread corporate surveillance online. eff.org/deeplinks/2023/11/addr

Debian Votes: A General Resolution torward an offical project statment has been initiated regarding the recent EU 'Cyber Resilience Act and Product Liability Directive' debian.org/vote/2023/vote_002

can now present some of the details of in streams, as of v4.2.0. For example, it can dissect the config data that comes from DNS. gitlab.com/wireshark/wireshark

I have a teapot made by a ceramics company called Emma Bridgewater, so I searched if it was dishwasher safe. No 2 on the list is this generated piece of trash: dishwashermanuals.com/is-emma-

It includes this heading that only an LLM would generate: "Are Emma Bridgewater mugs, dishwashers, and microwaves safe?" Oops, it mixed up who is doing what to who. I think it is pretty clear that this AI wave is a repeat of : 99% of use cases make our world much worse.

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