🤨 @Whatsapp has failed to respond to our letter on #CloudExtraction - which allows warrantless, broad access to cloud stored data. This is a vital issue for security of Whatsapp's customer data. Help us demand they respond now and retweet. 🔁

Read more: privacyinternational.org/news- nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

We're starting another round of translation workflow improvements for websites working with : this time the focus is taking the pain out of translating Markdown texts, this builds upon the work on the @fdroidorg website


We're looking to map out all technical details for how #Android apps are #tracking people, if you have ideas or more info, please submit them to our issue tracker! gitlab.com/trackingthetrackers #TrackingTheTrackers

is proving to be quite -able, humans need to stay in charge, with only as an assistant:
"Hackers stuck a 2-inch strip of tape on a 35-mph speed sign and successfully tricked 2 Teslas into accelerating to 85 mph"

After more than ten years working to remove in software, I now see that tracking usage without tracking people is possible. Tracking is essential to , so is still full of moral hazards

It has been interesting to dig into this, the vast body of knowledge has gotten us started, but it isn't the same problem, so similar but different tools are needed.

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I'm digging into tools these days, provides lookups if a string is a known domain name, and returns all strings that resolve to an IP address. The approach seems much more useful since it doesn't need a pre-prepared list of "known domain names", instead provides that


One murky area of is what the do with the all the they inevitably collect. Big mirrors like mirrors.kernel.org/ have no apparent public . Purdue PLUG plug-mirror.rcac.purdue.edu/in and FAU ftp.fau.de/datenschutz post theirs

policies need not be dense legalese meant to confuse and obscure, @EFF's provides a well crafted, privacy promise for like minded organizations to adopt eff.org/dnt-policy

OpenPush - A Free, #Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for #Android

"Push messages are an essential part of connected mobile devices. They are also one of the critical missing pieces in the #opensource Android ecosystem. Until now, free Android apps would either need to implement their own push notification system, do without any push messaging or use the proprietary Google Cloud Messaging service."


Ich halte am Donnerstag einen Vortag über #FDroid bei der FSFE Berlin.

Wer mag kann vorbeikommen!


Our next #BinaryTransparency log is to monitor all the binaries for #Android SDK components that are #FreeSoftware. Those binaries are central to Android development, and #Google has done some strange things with them in the past. Its implemented as a git repo and has a basic JSON API gitlab.com/fdroid/android-sdk-

We have started a #BinaryTransparency log of gradle binaries to monitor what is published, since those binaries are central to Android development. Its implemented as a git repo and has a basic JSON API: gitlab.com/fdroid/gradle-trans

Morgen 2020-01-28 ist internationaler Datenschutztag. Wir veranstalten deswegen einen Workshop wo Du Auskunftsbegeheren nach DSGVO an Unternehmen und Behörden erstellen kannst.

2020-01-28, ab 19:00 Uhr
Rathausstrasse 6, 1010 Wien

Die Teilnahme ist selbstverständlich kostenlos! Komm' einfach hin und mach mit!

It's not just big tech that has a responsibility to stop tracking people online. Any website owner can protect their users' privacy by dropping invasive code like Google Analytics, as @LauraKalbag has. laurakalbag.com/i-dont-track-y

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

anyone ever seen a API that lets you query by SHA256? Like start with the hash of a JAR, then see which repos it is on?

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