Check out FSFE volunteer Luca Bonissi's talk at @fosdem, where he will talk about his experience and other cases regarding the refund of pre-installed software and the right to install any software on any device.
⏰ 11:00h.
📌Room UB5.132

#freesoftware #fosdem

And finally, we are here 👏‼
Come to our booth to get some great swag 👕 and to learn about our campaigns & events!
📍We are in building K level 1. Group A- Community advocacy, 5. #FOSDEM2023 #SotfwareFreedom #FreeSoftware

@fdroidorg @guardianproject @eighthave gives opportunity to the free software community to release and distribute apps into this pilot - European Commission will open tenders on the website to help deliver on these goals of alternative open app stores #fosdem

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And now @eighthave discusses what it takes to actually publish your mobile apps as free software on four freedom compliant app stores that respect and build trust with your users #fosdem

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New paper finds supposedly "open #standard" is impossible to implement as #OpenSource.
"We find that it is impossible to obtain licences from patent holders that would allow for implementation and use of the standard in open source software. The paper illuminates significant challenges related to conditions for use of the standard under (F)RAND terms and identifies that references to the standard in public procurement projects lead to anti-competitive effects."

Vom 1. Februar 2023 bis zum 31. März 2023 könnt ihr eure Projektidee einreichen. Zur Bewerbung beantwortet ihr 8 Fragen und schon seid ihr dabei. Das Formular findet ihr hier:

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The F-droid app is undergoing major changes: Faster and smaller updates thanks to a new repository format.

For this, we needed to change the entire app database. To ensure that there are no regression we need your help: Please install the latest alpha version of F-Droid 1.16 and report anything unusual.

At , @marcel_kolaja will present the pilot project to look into open-sourcing the EU's apps and publishing them outside of including on @fdroidorg. @eighthave will join, talking about how F-Droid will help pull the EU towards . Join us!

🗓️ This Saturday we will join @fosdem to introduce the work of 🇪🇺 Open Source Program Office (@EC_OSPO)

With over 750 lecturers and 8000 participants, FOSDEM is the largest conference in Europe that promotes the use of free and open source software.

Learn more ➡️

#FDroid in an #EU "Pilot project — De-monopolized access to EU applications"... "The focus of the pilot project includes EU institutions releasing their apps on existing alternative app stores, including f-droid that aims at promoting apps released under open source licenses"

This level of vigilance is hard, so we have added another layer of defense in the upcoming client v1.16 release, currently in beta. We've moved the database to be based on and its built-in measures, then had that new code audited 2/2

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#DRM isn't just an annoyance -- it's a violation of your right to use the items you own as you see fit. Learn more about our Defective by Design campaign at, and follow our campaign account at @endDRM

The release of subfolders for iOS is experiencing a short delay. Apparently, Apple doesn't take kindly to referencing other "mobile devices" in the What's New section of an update.

To be clear, we included no mention of Android in this submission.

This type of overly restrictive behavior is unacceptable and is a clear example of why open source software is important. A single company should not have this kind of market control.

and require signature verification, and is built on top of 's APK signing. This improves things a lot but does not mean they are immune. Debian and F-Droid repos can still override packages lower priority repos. It could make sense to have a "no overrides allowed" setting, but that would restrict useful features. Maybe F-Droid could implement "no new signing keys when overriding" rule by default, I wonder how much that would break what people are doing now? 2/2

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repository systems like etc have key issues that make them hard to decentralize properly: solid verification is optional, one repo can override packages from another, and the tooling makes it hard to see which repo was actually used. has additional measures which make it more trustworthy, but if devs add repos, those can still override it. verification helps a lot when using Maven repos but does not solve everything 1/2

We are organizing an “Edit A Thon” event (in Persian). The goal is to create wiki pages for the political prisoners in Iran who are at the immediate risk of execution. We collect information about them and putting it in one place to make it easy for Human Right groups to work on their case.
If you like to join, please register here:


“Imagine if you use a phone for twice as long…that means you only have to produce half the amount of phones and you have half the amount of waste”. 🌍 💚 #Fairphone Founder,, spoke to the team at

EU countries are stepping up the fight for digital sovereignty for their citizens, in their schools, and in government.

See how France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany do this in our blog!

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