Want to see a visual example of why and have such a big impact? Massive amounts of water and resources go to growing cheap alfalfa, which is mostly cattle feed.


I live near a branch of the and have seen beavers a couple of times. It is great to see them coming back. I didn't realize how dire the situation was: the population was done to 1200 a century ago cartographymaster.eu/wp-conten

At the beginning of 2023, there was a sudden increase in the rate of growth of bandwidth usage on the ftp.fau.de . I can't think what might have caused such a dramatic, acute event. It is really an elbow. Any ideas?

is consistently growing in its bandwidth usage over the years, as shown by this stats graph from the mirror. Interesting to see the short downward section when we added new official mirrors in April and November.

Thanks @FAU for the mirror, the bandwidth, and the stats! ftp.fau.de/cgi-bin/show-ftp-st

The old bobsled run from the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo is quite fun to walk down, with some lovely graffiti. But it is difficult to still see the scars of war, almost 30 years later.

and even bike-free in Montenegro shows the kinds of freedoms we give up when we let vehicles, especially large motorized ones, dominate our cities and towns. There, even babies can roam around the streets alone, and the neighborhood cats can sleep undisturbed until humans wake up.

One big concern I have about over something like Protocol is that it makes it so the cost of sending a message to a group of 10 is about the same as sending to a group of 1000 or more. This is the opposite of how physical social interaction works, it is much more effort to speak in front of large groups. This gives advantage to spam, disinfo, trolling, etc. as compared to protocols where the cost linearly increases as the number of users in the group increases. 2/

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Interesting to see that the has dropped below pre-invasion value when compared to the .

I will go one step further and say that calling an "unsafe app" by this standard is dishonest. It seems that some at also agreed, since the older version of that screen was honest: "Blocked by Play Protect" instead of "Unsafe app blocked". Looks like the team is still focused on protecting their , this time using scare tactics. 2/2

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This screen that shows on when installing really bugs me. It is purely based on the integer value targetSdkVersion, without considering our security model, public audits results, track record over 10+ years, exclusive use of memory safe languages, or even what our code actually does. It is as if marked anything that comes from Google as containing ads and trackers. 1/2

Everything was clearly better in the past, we can't even get toothpaste anymore!

One effect of the is that it gives the etc a case to use to rehabilitate the idea they focus on: that military power is a force of good. provided a template for to follow. This is really not discussed enough because people want to support Ukraine in this difficult time, but it must always be part of any discussion of providing military support. Kudos to for running this political cartoon linking these.

"The most fashionable american dolphin wearing a ball gown" - generated by Stable Diffusion AI

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe

This video captures how I often feel running large scale systems with minimal resources

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