Everything was clearly better in the past, we can't even get toothpaste anymore!

One effect of the is that it gives the etc a case to use to rehabilitate the idea they focus on: that military power is a force of good. provided a template for to follow. This is really not discussed enough because people want to support Ukraine in this difficult time, but it must always be part of any discussion of providing military support. Kudos to for running this political cartoon linking these.

"The most fashionable american dolphin wearing a ball gown" - generated by Stable Diffusion AI

Thanksgiving: Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe

This video captures how I often feel running large scale systems with minimal resources

I always had this picture of a beautiful natural setting when I thought of farming. That's how it is so often portrayed. The reality in the is that produce comes from food factories that have the same impact on the ecosystem as any other massive factory. The whole area is paved and roofed, the soil, insect, and bird life is wiped out, and the crops are grown in highly controlled, factory conditions. Watch the industry video to see the whole picture vimeo.com/183478317

your "Data Protection Choices" screen is really disingenuous. The "Decline" button does not take you to the article even!

I've been thinking about the as a , it is mostly devoit of plant/animal/insect/etc life, often even when there is exposed dirt. I've been working on bringing life back to a few tree pits around where I live, and it is not so easy. It was then fascinating to see this on a massive scale in this documentation youtube.com/watch?v=IDgDWbQtlK

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