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is a new way for websites to practice and build trust with users by disabling access to APIs that are not used. Browsers already include it but the spec isn't final: it is missing a way to set the default to none. Join the discussion here

circa 1980. "And we concluded that one excellent way to protect people was to collect less information about them."

I've started integrating the new Anti-Features icons into #FDroid. Here's an early preview. Turned out even better than I dared to hope. Thanks @redplanet for designing the icons.

GitHub has added Liberapay to the funding platforms supported in the `FUNDING.yml` file:

If you want to contribute and translate @silence to your language, you can do it here :


We have joined the ! We chose @purism since they are doing good things with , hardware designed for it, and services designed around with anti-harassment in mind. Also, since this is a public account, it makes sense that this instance is only public posts.

“@DuckDuckGo is a poster child for a future in which companies stand with their users and still make money...They counter the assumption that we’ve all been socialized to accept: that it is normal to hand over all your information." - EFF's @jenuhhveev

We are currently launching our #cccamp19 #FDroid repo. You'll find the Fahrplan app and the NOC wifisetup app there.
The card10 companion app will follow.

A scannable QR-code and instructions here:

Please share and have a nice camp!

PSA: there'll be an #FDroid repository for #cccamp19

We are still working on it and will keep you posted.

/ looks like a crypto payment system designed by competent people grounded in human values. and in general have proven to be an entirely anti-social, vastly inefficient for or money predominantly useful for criminal activity. Its time for them to disappear into the dustbin of history.

@mareklach The result is: people using a not-so-anonymous, energy/power-intensive, non-taxable, unstable and non-regulated currency. Nowadays I no longer use #cryptocurrency (e.g.: #Bitcoin, #Dogecoin, #Ethereum, #ZCash) that much. I advocate for #GNUTaler / #GNU #Taler, which is a payment system and thus works with any #money #currency, and is taxable since the seller is exposed to the bank/auditor while the client/buyer is anonymous.

I think the user-controlled endpoint is the right place for filtering social media. Politicizing the operators is hazardous to the success of the whole project, leaving us with only the big options. That's why I chose to use

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