I cannot be reached by direct messages to

is said to be disabled on @purism instance

I'm sorry if you ever tried to write me and I didn't answer. My matrix address is published in my profile

I started a discussion on the about this. Generally I like the way they offer the fediverse to their users (no timelines).

But I see a lot of potential in DMs for users that would like to accept them.


You could just switch to a "regular" instance, right? (Nothing should bind you to #libremSocial , or does it? ).

Also, this does not have to be either or - you could run 2 accounts in parallel to try it out....

@El_joa Thanks for your suggestion. I read the little guide you wrote about changing the instance :).

I'd like to stay with @purism instance, because I like the disabled local and global timelines a lot.

Furthermore I cannot disagree with the reasoning behind disabling DM.

It is just that I'd like to see improvement in the way the problems the arguments for disabling DM point to are solved.

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