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The clear message I am getting from Bluesky is that black people felt unsafe on mastodon. Black Twitter was a huge part of what made it special, and it's been notably absent on mastodon. I will be sad if mastodon loses to a less-open alternative because it couldn't figure out how to be welcoming to everyone.

On a more technical note: shoutout to that will give me all the data I will need to make this work.

Also currently federation <> Pixelfed is imperfect. Posts and accounts can be found but followed posts don't show up in the timeline. I believe there might something with the activity ( ) If a pixelfed expert could chime in here it will be very helpful to this project!

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So I'm officially starting work to port to other social networks, starting with Instagram. There is some code already written, and the domain is already bought:

It will be very bare bone at first, and there will be a list of supported accounts, but as I make it scale those limits will be removed. I also plan to add features that will specifically help , like federating stories.

Just get in a car and find somebody on a bicycle you'll be fine

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Some initial thoughts: The next iteration should decouple user content and instance. Right now your data is not under your control. You can migrate your account to another instance, but the data remains at the old place. If we could find a way where content is more tightly coupled to the user, not the instance, that would be a big step forward, IMHO.

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Every app on the Fediverse could talk to Bluesky if they really wanted to, and Bluesky really was as decentralized as they say they want to be.

For example, look at Friendica. It uses at least four protocols to talk to other server software:

2. Diaspora
3. OStatus
4. ActivityPub

In theory, adding AT protocol shouldn’t be a big deal—it’s open source.

The question is whether Bluesky actually wants to federate with other servers.

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@anildash My strong suspicion is that Bluesky (or any similar corporate product that preaches federation) will use federation for their initial growth spurt, and then find a way to pull up the drawbridge once private equity or the Saudis decide that lock-in sounds more profitable.

I don't know why I would be so cynical, except for my lying eyes and the entire history of Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, RSS, XMPP, OpenID, and even Open Graph meta tags.

Say hi to @Podman_io and @pipewire! Check them out if you want more details on those projects. #Fedora #Podman #Pipewire

Looks like federation Pixelfed <> is starting to work now. I can get my @dog_rates there too!

Also shoutout to the Vernissage app ( ). It's a great pixelfed client for iOS

It does not pay to BS for a living.
Tucker Carson (and Alex Jones) represent the classical case of SHORT OPTIONALITY. BS brings more viewers (fiction is by construction more interesting than truth), more money, but then you suddenly lose those profits back via hidden legal liabilities.
Just like the Thanksgiving Turkey. for Hacker News with a focus on being compatible with , good or bad idea?

Show thread for Hacker News with a focus on being compatible with , good or bad idea?

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Looks like Lemmy "sub-reddit" are activitypub groups and thus can be followed: @technology


So how does Mastodon pay its engineers? doesn't. Eugen and Claire are the only paid devs on Mastodon.

Everyone else is making updates for free, as a hobby, on the side, after their day job.

People are building CalcKey for free. People are building just about every fediverse product for free, as part of the open source community.

It was particularly amusing when Elon said he wanted to open source the algorithm--

Jack Dorsey saying he wanted to create an open source protocol--

Nearly all of the Fediverse is open source. The algorithms are already open source. The protocol is a W3C standard (ActivityPub) just like HTML.

The future these dopes have been trying to build already exists.

There's just no money or power in it for them, so they have no interest and pretend it doesn't exist.

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Turns out it's easier to just update to 7 than to figure out how to have multiple runtimes on a mac and get all of them recognized in all your tools...

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