So one of server was down today and I just fixed it. It's probably going to be time soon to replace it with something beefier on OVH as we approach 30k users.

A bit thanks to all the supporters of this project that will make this switch possible! 🤗

It's probably going to be time load balance the main web server between more than one server soon too, we are getting often rate limited from twitter on that one. That's why there are often errors when loading tweets from the web UI

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@vincent Also I find that often backpost older tweets that were already initially posted when I followed accounts the first time.

@vincent Like I just got a repost of those tweets that I already got weeks/months ago when I followed this account

@vincent Looks like the fetch time is 594 minutes. 🤯 Crazy!

@fishcharlie Yeah, that's a bit out of date now. The stats on the page refreshes every 5 minutes to save on server load. The current stats if I check manually is 42 minutes

@fishcharlie They are probably ways I could improve that stat/page to better show the health of the system 🤔

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