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Started Silo on Apple TV today and it’s quite good!

Imagine in a few years being able to say to chatgpt8:
Please promote my product on the fediverse by registering 100,000 accounts over the course of 12 weeks on at least 500 different instances, weighted by instance size. These accounts should be conversational and engaging with other members and should not be detectable as bots. 10% of of these bots should express skepticism in my product, and the remaining bots should engage them in a public discourse to correct their misunderstanding. Monitor the sentiment of people discussing my product and develop an optimal strategy to maximize that sentiment. “

Why is Twitler so angry? 🤔
"Billionaire investor George Soros' family office dumped its entire stake in Tesla during the first quarter of 2023."

@bastardsheep still working for me over on my instance.
A few other instances have been blanket banning the service - just have a look at @vincent's mentions/reply toots.

There's been conversation surrounding people from the birdsite not consenting to their tweets showing up here, but under the twitter terms of service, their tweets can be embedded anywhere by anyone, so I don't think that holds water. People can put a stop to it by making their Twitter accounts private. 🤷‍♂️

The server responsible for shards 25 to 50 had problems today , I just fixed it and it's going through its backlog now.

This one is a cloud free tier and thus a bit undersized. I'll have to move it somewhere else soon I think. It's been giving me trouble often in the last weeks

I saw a discussion recently about creating an MX record like concept for activitypub - where, like with email, incoming messages can be sent to a mail exchanger, not necessarily the same host or even domain that the end users interact with. Would likely help with scalability.

"This is what it means to treat freedom of expression as a principle rather than a slogan."

#freespeech #twitter

Happy new zelda night to those who observe


An account you miss from #birdsite ? Simply follow @[twitter handle] to receive their posts here!

If you appreciate's continued service, consider supporting the server costs at their patreon:

Many thanks to @vincent for creating this excellent #FOSS #OpenSource service! ✨

@bradr3d @vincent

Yes. We synchronized our blocklist to, and it has blocked.

I understand that, as I feel it's wrong to duplicate the content of an author without their consent. If an author wanted that, they should/could set up a cross-poster themselves.

"NASA’s planetary science program is in trouble,” writes Shannon Hall in #ScientificAmerican. #MarsSampleReturn is running over budget, which is delaying other missions.

This. Is. Amazing.

Montréal suburb Brossard has a traffic light in a school zone that defaults to red, and only turns green when an attached speed camera detects a car driving under the speed limit.

The light is on a 90-day trial, on a 2-lane residential street. Similar signals are widespread across Europe.

Before it was installed, average vehicle speeds of 40 km/h. But in the past week, average speeds have dropped to 29 km/h.

#Montreal #VisionZero #WalkTO #BIkeTO

The social network is always bluer on the other side.

@ariadne making software for other people is overrated

Pushing around these little robot soccer players, from DeepMind’s “Learning Agile Soccer Skills for a Bipedal Robot with Deep Reinforcement Learning” paper.

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