Looks like Lemmy "sub-reddit" are activitypub groups and thus can be followed: @technology


bird.makeup for Hacker News with a focus on being compatible with , good or bad idea?

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@vincent it's an interesting concept, I could see myself using @gaming on like Splatoon news content or something

The problem just is the fact that people could spam anything to those groups though

@experiencersinternational but if has to be upvoted a lot before it gets shown to other, it could be a very powerful construct

By tagging the community, you've also implicitly created a post here: https://lemmy.ml/post/977735


@Ephera Yeah I noticed! Just wanted to link to it, is there a way to remove the post from the community?

I never played around with it, but I can't imagine there being a way, without removing the original post.

Like, it's not technologically impossible, but your instance would need to issue the command for deletion, as you only have an account there. And then you'd need some UI to say that you want the post deleted specifically on the lemmy.ml-instance.
It starts to become rather complicated. 😅

i don't mind having this post here. It suits the sub since applied federation is quiet a cool technology isn't it?

@vincent Hacker news is feeling more like Reddit lately, would be great to have a Lenny instance that prioritizes quality posts and comments instead of tired memes

uh - according to your bio you might be interested in @fuck_cars 😄

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