So I'm officially starting work to port to other social networks, starting with Instagram. There is some code already written, and the domain is already bought:

It will be very bare bone at first, and there will be a list of supported accounts, but as I make it scale those limits will be removed. I also plan to add features that will specifically help , like federating stories.

On a more technical note: shoutout to that will give me all the data I will need to make this work.

Also currently federation <> Pixelfed is imperfect. Posts and accounts can be found but followed posts don't show up in the timeline. I believe there might something with the activity ( ) If a pixelfed expert could chime in here it will be very helpful to this project!

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@vincent Vincent, when I use here on Mastodon, does Elmo get to count it as engagement? When I repost, is that a Twitter count too?

@vincent . I’m being told by other users that I should screenshot the makeup posts to minimize Twitter count.

@makkhorn @vincent does not provide Twitter any metrics at all

All they're using is private APIs that and other services use

@vincent I’m assuming the goal is to have this work with @Mastodon too? Since it’s ActivityPub pretty sure it will out of the box. But is that a desired use case?

@fishcharlie @Mastodon Yes to work on mastodon too! That’s what I’ll be mainly using myself

It’s unfortunately not a given that ActivityPub makes everything work out of the box though, there are subtle things that create incompatibilities in practice.

@vincent can you focus on the existing code base first? currently you can’t even make a clean install of the docker container, it fails to load on a empty database… and eventually move to github as sourcehut sucks so bad.

@radu this feature is more important to me than being easy to install. Also you are welcome to host a mirror on GitHub if you want

@vincent What's the goal of this twitter to ActivityPub bridge?

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