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Yes, and this sponsoring was very helpful to me ( the full story is in the introduction paragraph here ). Still a very good laptop after 5 years and probably the one I'll take to Geekfaeries festival for my demo.

I also worked for them after that; you can see the colored digital painting caricatures of the team here



SUMMER SALE on Librem 14s 😎
Enter the coupon code, L14SUMMER in the ‘Promotion Code’ box during check out to claim $100 off on your final order.

UPDATE for Librem 14 laptops 💻 Qubes 4.1 OEM installer is now complete and we are starting to use it for new orders, writes @kyle, President of Purism.

Get protected against targeted tracking with Purism's AweSIM. With other big telecom providers, your phone data is not private; it’s collected, linked with your identity, and sold to advertisers. With AweSIM, SIMple and SIMple Plus plans, you can expect excellent coverage and data protection by default. Let's get started and stay AweSIM!

Users who want to keep using their devices for a longer time, or to reuse their
hardware in a creative way, face a wide range of barriers: from obsolescence to an
unexpected end-of-support, from spare part serialization to locked boot loaders. In practice,
these artificial restrictions on using and reusing hardware are ultimately imposed by software.
We signatories of the Open Letter signed by more than 38 European organizations
and companies to support

If you’ve ever had an app on your phone that you wanted on your laptop, you’ve wanted convergence. The two big mobile OS vendors have been dreaming of convergence between laptop OS and mobile OS for a long time.
Purism is beating the duopoly to that dream, with PureOS. PureOS is convergent, and has laid the foundation for all future applications to run on both the Librem 5 phone and Librem laptops, from the same PureOS release. See it in action!

NEW🚀 For those looking for a privacy-focused cellular service in the United States, Purism has launched another option in its suite of privacy-first cellular plans.
➕ “SIMple Plus”, provides subscribers with 4G high speed internet with a 3 GB monthly data limit and a $59/month price. They can send texts globally to over 160 countries at no extra cost. The plan is designed especially for those who are interested in the SIMple plan, but would like a higher data cap.

“Social Media can absolutely exist without being invasive; search tools can return valid results without recording everything on you (forever)” says Founder and CEO of Purism, @todd in his post about controlling and harmful digital atrocities that big tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and others commit.

Did you meet Librem SIMple? It is a secure and affordable cellular plan that works with the Librem 5 or any unlocked GSM : You get unlimited talk, text, and 1GB data for just $39/month (currently available in US only).

We’ve built the Librem 14 for any one who cares about their privacy, security and freedom. We also offer options to customize features that you need. Avail $100 off with promotion code "L14SUMMER" and the special link below

We project now that we will hit shipping parity (that point where a new order is fulfilled within our standard 10-business-day lead time) some time in June, and as a result we’ve reduced the lead time for new Librem 5 USA orders. Get the details⬇️

Our best seasonal sale on Librem 14 laptops is here. Use code L14SUMMER using this link and check out to get $100 off. Offer valid till June 15. We are shipping standard orders within 10 days. HURRY!

Did you know that outside of the app store, on idle devices, researchers have found both Android and iOS share plenty of private data with Google and Apple respectively, on average every 4.5 minutes? You don't have to choose between the "lesser evil". Read more about alternatives to Big Tech's privacy washing.

Reminder: L14 Summer Sale is on. Apply code L14SUMMER with the link below and check out your Librem 14 laptop order. Shipping standard orders within 10 days. And yes, we ship world wide (except to countries that are subject of trade sanctions imposed by USA)

No matter what OS or hardware you use, or how easy it is to use, you are going to need help with it at some point. This support is critical to the success of free software. Here is why it’s so important that we at Purism offer full support for free software on our hardware–it’s critical to free software succeeding and it’s been a critical part of how we approach our mission. Kudos to our support teams🙌 🎉

Librem 14 runs professional-grade animation software such as Krita and Blender to produce top quality animations. Take a look at this new creation by @francois inspired by @davidrevoy

🎉 HAPPY MONDAY! 🎉 If you have been planning to buy ultra-portable and secure laptop, you can save $100 during this summer sale. Use coupon L14SUMMER with this link

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Did you hear? The summer sale on Librem 14 is on. Share the promotion code L14SUMMER (to be used at checkout) and this link with your friends who are waiting to order their laptop, right now:

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