For those of you who have been considering a Librem 14 laptop of your own, good news! We are almost caught up on all Librem 14 orders and have taken measures to ensure we maintain greater stock. Read more ➡️

Purism’s PureOS offers a freedom-respecting OS for a truly convergent user experience for Librem mobile phones, laptops, mini and desktop computers. Read more ⬇️

Did you meet the mini-computer that puts freedom, privacy and security first?
➡️ New Quad‑Core i7 Processor
➡️ Up to 64 GB DDR4 Memory
➡️ 4K HDMI 2.0 and Display Port
➡️ USB-C, 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0
➡️ Gigabit Ethernet, 3.5mm AudioJack

Order yours now:

The world is divided into two categories. Those who own the technology and those who don’t. What do you prefer: being owned or owning your world? Read how Purism is building a better world as a social purpose company 🙏

What is the future of smartphones? Let's listen to Nicole Færber, Chief Technology Officer, Purism, at the recent discussion organized by Protocol

Here is an update on the progress of mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit
➡️ New drivers for camera
➡️ Power-saving features
➡️ Better battery saving features and more!

Funding software innovation is a marathon, not a sprint. Read how we develop software in a sustainable way. Read more about how you can support this movement 👉

New and improved tamper-detection and GUI with Pureboot. Try out our latest R19-pre-release for PureBoot. Bug reports and merge requests are welcome. Read more ➡️

New release for Embedded Controller! Here is how to update Librem-EC on your Librem 14. Switch easily between battery and external power supplies 🚀

Is there truly smart home where you hold the keys? It must start with open standards for how devices communicate. Only then is there a space where truly open alternatives to Big Tech smart home gadgets can exist for the average consumer outside of do-it-yourself electronics projects.

How do you edit videos on a Librem 14 running PureOS? Here is video tutorial with @gbryant (first in this new video series) ➡️

See you at Software Freedom Day on September 18! CEO Todd Weaver will take the listener on a real journey on how the team at Purism solves the near-impossible time and time again. Thank you for organizing this event, Free Software Australia.

What is beautiful when it comes to building technology? François Téchené, Director of Creative at Purism describes his vision

What are the alternatives to the walled garden of big tech? Have your own castle where you and your rights are respected. Read why Purism is built with security, privacy and freedom in mind 🌎

We are upstreaming our software development for the wider community. Calls will become a part of the @gnome project. Having a dialer application available shows that mobile is an important use case for GNOME. Read more:

How do we give back to the secure software community? Out of all the employers who have committed to advance GTK 4.0, Purism is ranked #5 by commits, and #5 by changes. Read more

Curious about how big-tech companies like Apple and Google are giving you an illusion of control over your and ? Read more➡️

What is the future of computers? Purism CSO, @kyle shares why users continue to barter their digital rights and privacy in the name of security and protection. Read more ➡️

Apple is to technological freedom as North Korea is to North Koreans. Google is to privacy protection as China is to Chinese. Purism users get the freedom to use, share, modify, and redistribute the software package- thanks to PureOS based on Debian. Read more ➡️

Are mass software updates abused in the name of "security”? All software updates can be done where it respects the freedoms and civil liberties of humans says Purism founder, Todd Weaver. What do you think?🤔 Read more:

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