Announcing the Librem 5 USA–the same freedom, security, and privacy-respecting phone, now with Made in USA electronic fabrication

The Purism team is expanding. We're looking for a talented Growth Marketer and a Web Designer with a passion for open source, open hardware, privacy and security

We promised to publish the hardware schematics when the shipped and we delivered: Hardware Schematics and X-ray Scans for Librem 5 Birch

We are often asked, why does the Librem 5 cost that much? Because we are "Breaking Ground"

When you order a you get a desktop in your pocket and support an future where our and data aren't exploited by for profit

Our Black Friday deal continues all weekend! Get 10% off the Librem 13 and 15

Unbox Therapy recently reviewed the Librem 13 and said, "Simple. Clean. The most secure experience you can have"

It was an exciting week for the team, shipping Librem 5s from the Birch batch to backers and reading your early impressions.

Your support and energy keeps us going!

Thank you for believing in the Librem 5 and our mission

The Free Software Foundation have put the Librem 5 on their Ethical Tech Gift Giving guide for 2019

"Why it's cool: Although it won't be released until Q2 2020, this phone is one to keep an eye on. We're giving it a tentative recommendation because the company has publicly committed to doing the right things for prioritizing user freedom and privacy, and because we have evaluated and endorsed the operating system it will run."

backers in the Birch batch have started sharing unboxing photos (attached CC-BY 2.0) videos and positive early impressions thank you to all our supporters for your patience and excitement 😀

We contributed 20 patches and 23 Reviewed-by or Tested-by tags towards 5.4

Including: improvements to the Librem 5 devkit’s IMU and panel drivers, preparation for a mainline display stack and Librem 5 bug fixes

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