What are the alternatives to the walled garden of big tech? Have your own castle where you and your rights are respected. Read why Purism is built with security, privacy and freedom in mind 🌎 puri.sm/posts/defending-agains

We are upstreaming our software development for the wider community. Calls will become a part of the @gnome project. Having a dialer application available shows that mobile is an important use case for GNOME. Read more: puri.sm/posts/how-calls-became

How do we give back to the secure software community? Out of all the employers who have committed to advance GTK 4.0, Purism is ranked #5 by commits, and #5 by changes. Read more puri.sm/posts/proud-to-be-top-

Curious about how big-tech companies like Apple and Google are giving you an illusion of control over your and ? Read more➡️ puri.sm/posts/the-future-of-co

What is the future of computers? Purism CSO, @kyle shares why users continue to barter their digital rights and privacy in the name of security and protection. Read more ➡️

Apple is to technological freedom as North Korea is to North Koreans. Google is to privacy protection as China is to Chinese. Purism users get the freedom to use, share, modify, and redistribute the software package- thanks to PureOS based on Debian. Read more ➡️ puri.sm/posts/software-updates

Are mass software updates abused in the name of "security”? All software updates can be done where it respects the freedoms and civil liberties of humans says Purism founder, Todd Weaver. What do you think?🤔 Read more: puri.sm/posts/software-updates

Why Purism will not get a warrant for your phone nor phone data, because everything you buy from us, you own fully. In the latest case, Apple gets the warrant because they own the user’s data. Read more from Purism founder, Todd Weaver puri.sm/posts/apples-subpoenas

NEW - It is a Librem 5 but with respectful manufacturing in mind 🌎 Meet the Librem 5 USA and order yours puri.sm/products/librem-5-usa/

How do you make applications work on smartphones just as well as they do on laptops? We invested many hours of research, design and development to build an adaptive, ethical and secure GUI to expand over GNOME. Read more about our innovation, Libhandy 📱puri.sm/posts/making-a-platfor

Why should you be excited about Librem 5 USA? The recipe for a Librem 5 calls for over 140 unique ingredients. And our Certified Hardware Electronics Fabrication Specialists (CHEFS) make sure that the supply chain for it is 100% transparent and secure. Learn more ➡️ puri.sm/posts/from-fab-to-tabl

Librem 14 in Pictures

"We are excited that the Librem 14 is shipping, and we are so pleased with the production model that we wanted to share some brand new pictures of it inside and out"


Librem 14 in Video

"Security is one of the core pillars we build upon. The Librem 14 offers the most advanced security feature set so far."


Purism and Linux 5.12

"Following up on our report for Linux 5.11 this summarizes the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.12 development cycle."


Best Qubes Laptop is the Secure Librem 14

"Purism’s Librem 13v1 laptop was the first laptop to be certified as officially supported by Qubes in 2015. Since then we treat Qubes as a first class citizen..."


The Simplicity of Making Librem 5 Apps

"The Librem 5 makes its application development workflow extremely simple."


Librem 14 First Boot

"Whether you're still thinking about ordering or if your Librem 14 is just about to arrive, this is what you can expect on first boot."


Librem 14 in Pictures

"We are excited that the Librem 14 is shipping, and we are so pleased with the production model that we wanted to share some brand new pictures of it inside and out"


Librem 14 Begins Shipping

"We set out on a multi-year journey to build our dream laptop—the Librem 14—and today that dream is reality and is shipping."


Sneak Peek of the Next PureOS Release on the Librem 5

"With the next release of PureOS, code-named Byzantium, just around the corner, let’s give you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to."


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