LibHandy 0.0.10, a library that helps with developing UI for mobile devices
using GTK/GNOME, has been released!

Details (including screenshots and videos) of adaptive layouts included in LibHandy 0.0.10:

Full release notes:

Todd Weaver (CEO of Purism) interviewed on Digital Trends Live.

They talked about hardware kill switches, the Librem 5 smartphone, releasing hardware schematics, and ethical online services.

Our laptops have visible Philips screws on the bottom. You can remove the bottom case yourself, without any special tools and without Purism’s permission, and get access to the RAM, drive bays and the battery–and replace them yourself.

Did you know that you can check out source code for things Purism works on (such as Librem One applications and bits relating to the upcoming Librem 5 smartphone) right from

Source code should be Free.

That's just how we roll.

How the latest Purism commercial was made with entirely with GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Librem laptops.

Storyboarding, motion design, color grading, video editing... We do it all with Freedom in mind.

Want a 15" laptop that ships with Linux and has hardware kill switches?

Want it with a German keyboard layout? Tired of paying VAT?

For a limited time we're discounting the Librem 15 (DE Keyboard) by 19%. Also shipping is free.

Use Coupon: L15DETAX

Did you know that with the Librem 5 smartphone you can remove the back and have access to :

- the battery
- a removable OpenPGP smart card
- a removable cellular modem
- and a microSD card so you can expand your storage later on

More here:

Today we answer the age old question...

What boots faster:
- a Librem 5 smartphone running PureOS (GNU/Linux)
- or a run of the mill Android phone

Blog & MP4:


These are hardware kill switches.

Not a webcam cover. Not software disabled Wi-Fi. Kill switch.

Laptops should have these.

Ours do.

It doesn't happen often but, when the stars align just right, you can find some good discounts at the Purism store.

Right now Librem 15 laptops can be found for $250 off -- and the pre-order for the Librem 5 smartphone is going up by $50 in June.

Sensor calibration settings can be used by apps/sites to fingerprint iOS and Android phones.

We added a "Lockdown Mode" for the Librem 5 which allows you to defend against this.

Librem 5 Lockdown Mode:

Sensor Calibration Attack:

Librem 5 – End of May Progress Update

So many changes -- kernel updates, making calls, messaging, adaptive UI improvements, documentation, and more. Plus some quick video clips demonstrating some of the software work (including running on dev kit)!

You can pre-order the Librem 5 smartphone (shipping starts in Q3) for $649.

Price goes up to $699 soon as we prepare for launch.

We believe that privacy and technology can be moral and convenient.

Librem One allows you to reclaim your privacy, securely communicate to your friends, and does so easily with your freedoms intact.

Librem Tunnel offers an encrypted, no-logging, virtual private network tunnel, making sure all your network traffic is secure and your privacy fully protected.

The Librem 15 is the first ultra-portable workstation laptop that was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

Librem Chat is...

- Text, Voice, & Video
- Private (end-to-end encrypted chatrooms that only participants can see).
- Ad Free (that's right... zero ads and zero tracking)
- Free to use
- Available right now

The Librem One suite of online services (Chat, Social, Tunnel, & Email) wouldn't be possible without the amazing work of countless Free Software developers all around the world.

Here's a primer on the stellar projects we work with to make it possible:

We believe that privacy and technology can be moral and convenient

Librem One allows you to reclaim your privacy, securely communicate to your friends, and does so easily with your freedoms intact.

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